Application Methods

There are two Great Lengths application options, each offering different benefits. Whilst we would always recommend that you discuss the best application option for you with one of our certified stylists, this guide should give you an overview of the key differences.

Individual Bonds

  • Our most popular application option
  • The bond is wrapped around a small supporting section of hair, and secured in place (just down from the root) using a Great Lengths application machine
  • Lasts for around five months, if well maintained
  • Suitable for adding length, volume or introducing colour
  • Available in our full colour range
  • Available from 20cm up to 80cm in length
  • The only application option for our Flowstrands and Diamond Threads
  • Scientifically proven not to damage healthy hair when applied correctly and well maintained

GL Apps

  • A more temporary tape-in application option
  • The hair is sectioned and the tape strip is placed against your hair, just below the roots. No machine is used
  • Lasts for around four weeks per application, but can be re-taped and re-applied
  • Best suited to adding volume or introducing colour. Not recommended as a solution for adding length, or for men (shorter styles)
  • A slightly reduced colour range versus individual bonds
  • Available in a 40cm length only
  • Will cause no damage to healthy hair when applied correctly and well maintained

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