Alongside our more classic hair extensions, we also have two very special product solutions: Diamond Threads and Flowstrands.

Looking for something unique? Add a little glitz to any style with our unique Diamond Threads – made with Crystallized™ Swarovski elements.

Each thread features six genuine, glittering crystals for a subtle sparkle. Both the crystals and threads are available in a variety of colour combinations.

Application Option: Diamond Threads are applied using our classic bonds and are usually worn for one-two weeks however can last up to 5 months if well maintained.

Make a style statement with our limited-edition Flowstrands, which offer on-trend ombre and bright dip-dye colour variations.

Enjoy eye-catching colour without risking hair damage from bleaching or over-colouring.

Application Option: Flowstrands are applied using our classic bonds, which can last for up to five months.

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Unleash Length
Unleash Length

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