2016 Hair Trend Predictions

For those of you who like to be ‘the style-setter’, we have the perfect blog for you. Get the lowdown on the hottest 2016 hair trends before anyone else. But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

2016 is nearly upon us and our first new years resolution is definitely going to be ‘keeping up-to-date with the latest trends’, so we can be the first to rock the hottest new styles.

To get ahead of the game, we’ve done rather a lot of research into the biggest hairstyles of 2016. Here is our summary….

The Nape Knot

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Sure, this look isn’t ground breaking, but perfecting it so it looks neat but effortless is tough. The trick is to work with hair that isn’t freshly washed and apply dry shampoo to the roots. Then use a paddle brush to pull into a low ponytail before you twist and wrap. Secure with as few pins as possible to keep it in place – pin overload and it looks like you’ve worked too hard at it!

The Pony Twist

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What do you get when you combine a slicked back ponytail with twisted lengths – The Pony Twist. Obviously!

As with the nape knot, you want the hair to be pulled back neatly and tightly, so don’t try this with fluffy, freshly washed hair. For the perfect high ponytail, split your hair into two panels from ear to ear. Use a comb to pull the top section into a high pony and secure. Then brush the bottom section up to join, and secure with another band over the top. This helps get a super sleek result – no bumps!

For the twist, split the length of the ponytail into two panels. Remove any tangles then spritz with a finishing spray (for extra grip!) Twist the two panels over each other quite tightly and secure the ends with a band.

Tousled Texture

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Effortless, loose and ‘lazy’ texture is BIG news for SS16. For this style, prepping the night before is key. Wrap sections of hair around a waving wand and spritz with a strong hold hairspray. In the morning, pull your fingers or a wide bristle brush through the lengths of your hair and spray with dry shampoo to hold the bedhead texture.

Dressing Up

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Just like SS15, hair accessories are back for 2016. The one difference is that hair teamed with glittery bands and clips shouldn’t be overly tamed. Go for a grittier, messier texture and use the accessories to dress up your look.

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