Train to become a Great Lengths Artisan

Artisan – the Great Lengths meaning

Artisan – a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

Earlier this year we revealed our new 2015 collection named ‘Artisans of Enhancement’ and behind this name was a strong message. The Artisan is the stylist, the unsung hero, pristine in appearance but unnoticed by the outside world. Creator of beauty and art, the Artisan is a master in preening and perfecting his subjects.

Is it time you became a Great Lengths Artisan, or took your skills to the next level…?

Great Lengths Training Courses

There are different levels of Great Lengths training courses, the most basic being the Foundation Course. This training course must be completed by anyone who wishes to work with Great Lengths hair extensions and covers all the background, theory and practical techniques for applying Great Lengths. Stylists will be educated in the ethicality of the hair, which is 100% human and sourced in India, during the Hindu ritual of tonsuring when hair is voluntarily sacrificed. New Artisans will leave confident in Great Lengths’ history, products, consultation process, pricing, application, extensions maintenance, aftercare, removal, plus marketing and social media tips and tricks.

Become a great lengths artisan

The Great Lengths Creative Distinction course is to learn the true meaning of Client Hair Enhancement. Stylists will learn advanced bonding techniques, get creative with colour and learn creative application patterns all from Principle Educator Amanda Jackson. This course is designed to take stylists’ knowledge, expertise and confidence in using Great Lengths to the next level.

Become a great lengths artisan

For those wishing to learn about all things bridal, the Great Lengths Artistic Excellence course is perfect! Designed for those wanting to learn the art of bridal hair and hair up, this course focuses purely on the techniques needed to create the perfect hair up and bridal hair looks. Stylists will learn how to recreate five current bridal styles and will develop their knowledge, expertise and confidence in using Great Lengths hair extensions.

Become a great lengths artisan

Finally, for those ready to show their Great Lengths creations to the world, the Great Lengths Showcase course shows stylists how to style their work in the best way to promote and profile their business. Under the mentorship of Principle Educator, Amanda Jackson, stylists will be guided through applications and styling, to professional collection shots. This day is invaluable time for adding to stylists professional portfolio collection.

Become a great lengths artisan

To book yourself onto a Great Lengths training course please email the Training and Education team.

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