Ask The Expert – Paula McCourt

Tell us about you and your experience in the industry

I started working in hair salons when I was just thirteen years old. I then left school and started working full time in a busy salon that specialised in applying hair extensions – this is where my interest stemmed from. I left to go freelance after seven years and following on from that, started my own salon, which has just achieved Gold Salon status from Great Lengths.

What made you get into working with pre-bonded hair extensions?

I’ve always worked with extensions but pre-bonded were introduced to me when I was looking to try something with a little less maintenance. Great Lengths immediately stood out to me because of the high quality hair, and the fact that they have a huge following of loyal customers and stylists worldwide.

Why do you think so many people are now choosing hair extensions to enhance their hair?

People are finally cottoning on to the fact that they can have the hair they have always wanted with hair extensions. With reality TV and celebrity culture only becoming more popular, celebrities are setting very high standards with their hair and beauty – with extensions everyone can have red carpet worthy hair.

For those readers who are yet to try Great Lengths but have always wanted to make more of their hair, what would your advice be?

Give it a go as you will never know if you never try. So many of my clients say that they wish they had tried Great Lengths sooner, once they have had them applied.

Paula-McCourt before and after using Great Lengths

What are the most common questions you get asked about extensions?

The most common questions I get asked about extensions relate to their management and upkeep. I always stress the importance of getting your extensions applied by a certified stylist who can recommend the correct amount of bonds/hair to fit in with your lifestyle.

What do you think the next trend in hair extensions will be?

The next big trend in hair extensions is certainly for volume and conditioning rather than just for length. One of the biggest trends of the moment is the blunt bob, seen on the likes of Caroline Flack. Clients are finally realising that hair extensions don’t just add length to a style.

What has been your favourite Great Lengths transformation?

I don’t have a specific favourite but my favourite type of transformations involve turning lifeless, thin hair into a thick, envy inducing bombshell barnet.

Where can we find your business on social media

You can find my business on Facebook and Instagram.

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