Ask the Expert – Charlotte Boyes

Thinking about getting hair extensions? This week, we caught up with Charlotte Boyes from POSH Hair, Nails & Beauty Salon to see why she recommends Great Lengths…

Tell us about you and your experience in the industry

I started my career in hairdressing at a young age at my mum’s salon, POSH Hair, Nails & Beauty Salon in Leeds, which she has owned for over thirty years. I have now been qualified in hairdressing for over ten years and specialise in hair extensions and colouring.

Coming from a small salon, I never thought I would win any awards. For all of my entries I maintained full creative control and did everything from the hair, make-up, styling to the photography. So far I have won two Great Lengths Awards (the 2012/13 Rising Star of the Year Award and the 2014/15 GLApps Award.) I have also been a finalist in the 2015/16 Great Lengths Bridal Award and the 2015 Extensionist of the Year. For two of my award entries I applied Men-hancements® to the models, who happen to be clients of mine, and styled the hair for the shoot. I was lucky enough to meet Errol Douglas MBE and he was very complimentary about my work and even sectioned my model’s hair at the Hair Extensionist of the year 2015 to find my attachments! This was an amazing experience and I learnt so much from it.

I think education is so important in the hairdressing industry as it enables you to offer the best service to clients. Currently, I am a member of the Federation of Master Extensionists, which is a group of fellow extensionists who share information on training and generally help each other within our industry, we all have the same principals that skills and knowledge should be shared.

One of my career goals is to become a Brand Ambassador as I think education is essential to keep up-to-date within the industry and with my knowledge and experience with extensions, I have a lot to share.


What made you get into working with pre-bonded hair extensions?

We have been working with Great Lengths for over five years now.  Before then we were finding that many clients were going elsewhere to get hair extensions, as we did not offer this service. The majority of our clients now wear hair extensions either to enhance colour thicken hair or for extra length.

I like to be creative and completely change someone’s look with a new hairstyle. At the end of the appointment, I love being able to reveal their new look and see them walk out feeling amazing.

Why do you think so many people are now choosing hair extensions to enhance their hair?

I think that more clients are now opting for hair extensions as they are discovering that they are not just for length, and they can be used to add thickness and enhance colour too.


For those readers who are yet to try Great Lengths but have always wanted to make more of their hair, what would your advice be?

Always do research, know about the origin of your hair, make sure the stylist or salon is fully qualified extensionist and that you’re happy with the agreed look. There are so many horror stories out there but that’s usually down to incorrect application, the wrong type of application technique, the wrong weight ratio, incorrect maintenance and poorly removed extensions.

At POSH Hair, Nails & Beauty Salon, all of our stylists have trained with Great Lengths in fittings and advanced cutting and styling. We always offer a free consultation to make sure Great Lengths is the right product to achieve the desired look. We also offer trials, where two bonds are fitted in the client’s hair to see if hair extensions are suited to them and their lifestyles.

What’s the most common question you get asked about hair extensions?

The most common questions I get asked by clients is ‘how much are hair extensions?’ Unfortunately, there is no set price as each client’s requirements are different. We always inform clients that a price can be determined at a free consultation. At POSH Hair, Nails & Beauty Salon, we include a free Aftercare kit, a free blow-dry two weeks after your hair extensions are fitted and a free removal service when you book your next set of extensions.


What do you think the next trend in hair extensions will be?

I think for AW15 we will see a lot of golden blondes, rich browns and sumptuous coppers. With a blended natural cut, I think clients will be opting for soft full blow-dries rather than a curly finish. I have just ordered my Pro Blo kit and can wait to play!

What has been your favourite Great Lengths transformation?

My favourite transformation would have to be on a model I’ve worked with since she was fourteen. In the past, we’ve always added bright colours and extreme cuts using Great Lengths, this time we opted for rich multi tonal browns and she instantly looked glamorous!

To find out more about POSH Hair, Nails & Beauty Salon see their website or Twitter.


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