James Henderson’s Great Lengths Consultation Advice

James Henderson, our UK Trade Ambassador, and co-owner of Great Lengths Platinum status salon M Hair, shares his top tips on how to ensure a successful consultation for you and your clients…

The consultation is the first chance for you to share with your clients the amazing benefits of Great Lengths and to be able to start building that trust and rapport. A thorough consultation can make or break the Great Lengths experience.

A consultation is all about communication – you need to find out as much as possible about each client’s styling routine, lifestyle and expectations and then tailor your consultation to them and make it as personal as possible.

Assess if Great Lengths is a suitable choice in regards to their expectations; in my experience 90% of my consultation clients can usually benefit from enhancements of some sort.


I am also a strong believer that knowledge is key. Do your homework and find out everything about the brand and educate your client on the benefits of Great Lengths over other brands. I find that holding a small amount of hair in stock is always a good idea so you can use this in the consultation. As they say, ‘seeing is believing’, and clients are more likely to proceed with application is they can see and feel the quality of the hair used.

It is also incredibly important to explain the application and removal processes and show your client the tools you will be using – this helps to get things across more clearly.


If they have additional questions after the consultation, Great Lengths has created a series of What to Expect’ videos on YouTube which work as a great referencing tool. You can find these here.

My final tip relates to aftercare. A lot of stylists forget than when a client leaves the salon they are then on their own to care for their hair – we can’t be there to hold their hands! Explain aftercare (products, washing, drying, brushing, styling) in much detail as possible, to put their minds at ease, and always invite them back for a check-up after a couple of weeks.

Again, Great Lengths have created a few handy aftercare videos, which clients can refer to at home. You can view these here.

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