Take me to the beach…

Holiday season is finally upon us and as we all know, nothing ever seems more important than looking super hot on the beach. We all dream of long beach waves, tousled fishtail plaits, and subtle summery highlights. Well girls, the time for dreaming is over…

Beach Wave Perfection

The trick with creating the perfect beach wave is in the weight of the hair – too heavy and they drop, too light and they can look more ‘bed hair’ than ‘beach hair’!

To achieve that perfect weight, thickness and length we recommend the addition of our Classic Base Shades hair extensions, which blend with your natural hair colour – enabling you to carry off the most luscious beach waves ever!

The perfect beach wave

Textured Fishtails

Messy fishtail plaits are most definitely one of the staple hairstyles of summer and they look at their best when worn at the beach – think of them as the most stylish way to keep your hair under control in the sea breeze. Although they may look easy, it actually takes a bit of practice to perfect this look – remember, it is important to keep the shape of the plait strong, as this is the key feature. To keep with the ‘messy’ feel, tease the various layers of the plait to make them come apart slightly. Finally, to hold this textured look in place, finish with a spritz of our Soft Finishing Spray.

Textured fishtail

Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are a great way to make your hair look summery, but can be a time-consuming commitment – who wants to spend hours in the salon with tinfoil on their head on a hot summers day! To experiment with this look we would suggest our GL Apps. These are made from the same quality hair as all our extensions but are tape-in. This means that they can be applied in a fraction of the time as other extensions and last up to four weeks. They come in a large variety of colours, from natural base shades to fashion colours, meaning you can add various tones to your hair with minimal effort, and also enjoy the benefit of extra volume!

Highlights and Lowlights

After a day at the beach, hair can often be tangled, salty and impossible to tame. This is where our Protector – Instant Care Spray comes into its element. Suitable for all hair types, it reduces tangles and makes hair instantly manageable due to it’s conditioning property.

So come on ladies, it’s time to get beach ready!

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