10 Golden Rules for looking after your Great Lengths this Winter

We all want glossy, healthy locks whatever the weather, but the cold of winter can notoriously cause hair to become dry, tangled and frizzy. Luckily you can outwit the elements and banish bad hair days for good by following our top 10 winter hair care tips.

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1.Go Organic

Switching to organic products is always a smart move for your hair as the formulas are less harsh and won’t strip the hair of its natural oils or dry it out. The BIO A+O.E range offers five treatment programmes that are 100% organic and vegan certified and formulated to give natural hair or hair that is enhanced by extensions added strength and vitality. The organic formulas work to protect strands from environmental damage and heat styling, without causing a residue or build up, helping hair regain its natural condition.


2. Brush Your Hair Three Times A Day

Brushing your extensions (and hair in general) is key to keeping your style looking healthy during the winter months. For perfectly shiny and untangled tresses, brush hair three times a day – once in the morning, once throughout the day and once before going to bed at night. Try the Great Lengths Double Bristle Brushes– also available in a handbag size, which makes it perfect for taming tresses on the go.


3. Keep Knots At Bay With Fuss-Free Hairstyles

Keep hair smooth and tangle free with simple everyday updos. Not only will this help protect hair from environmental damage, it will also stop excess tangling and knotting that can be caused by windy weather. Try a super sleek ponytail for an effortlessly simple style that is versatile for both day and night, or for something a little more intricate, try a fishtail braid. Plaiting a section of your hair will help to keep your hair in style, whilst still giving the appearance of having length. This look is also perfect for adding texture to hair.


4. Don’t Skip A Maintenance Check-Up

Never skip a maintenance check-up. Regular maintenance is advised to ensure that the bonds stay strong and that the right aftercare is being followed. Your stylist will be able to advise you on how often you need to book in for a visit, but between 4-6 weeks is recommended to ensure your hair extensions stay looking great and in a healthy condition.


5. Avoid Towel Drying

Avoid towel drying when preparing extensions for blow-drying and blot the hair as oppose to rubbing. This will prevent the hair from tangling and help to combat any matting in the extensions. Use a wide toothcomb whilst the hair is wet, and remember to dry the root area (bonds) first. The bond is at its weakest when it is wet so it is important that it is dried thoroughly.


6. Protect Hair From Environmental Damage

To protect hair against environmental and pollution damage invest in a treatment programme, such as BIO A+O.E’s 02 Restructuring Programme. Containing pure essential oils, the three step system (shampoo, conditioner and leave in water) work together to protect hair against any damage caused by pollution and changing climates that we may experience in the colder months. The tailored programme helps to detoxify hair and return it to its natural condition, regaining shine, silkiness and strength.


7. Shampoo Twice

Always shampoo twice – the first shampoo will not remove the full amount of build up and toxins from the hair alone.


8. Secure Your Hair Extensions Before Going To Sleep

Securing your hair extensions before you sleep will help make styling your hair the following day much easier. Try loosely plating your hair before bed to avoid tangling and to keep the extensions smooth.


9. Keep Tresses Moisturised

The golden rule for looking after hair in winter is to keep it moisturised. Similar to skin, the weather can dehydrate our hair. It’s worthwhile to invest in nourishing products and treat hair to a weekly hair mask. This will help to replenish the moisture, which tends to get depleted from factors such as heat from styling and the cold winter air. Try Great lengths Extra Rich Hair-Mask which will help to nourish your hair, making sure that the cuticle is smooth and the hair is therefore protected.


10. End Your Shower With A Cold Rinse

A cool rinse will help to shut the cuticle down so the hair is protected and at less risk of damage. It will also make it glossy and shiny because the hair structure is laying flat.


For more information on how to keep your Great Lengths in tip top condition this Winter checkout out our After Care page here.

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