100% You with GL Lovely, Aoife Walsh

We recently caught up with former Miss Ireland and GL Lovely, Aoife Walsh. Aoife has recently re-located to New York and we couldn’t wait to catch up with the beautiful model and get the lowdown on her day-to-day life stateside.

 Aiofe‘s schedule includes rushing around NYC for model castings, updating her blog; thatgingerchick.com and preparing for the new series of RTE’s Dancing with the StarsIn her exclusive diary we learn why Aiofe loves her Great lengths and how they make her feel 100%.


I try and start my week as I mean to go on, so I keep my Monday as productive as possible. It’s usually an early start for a blog shoot with some natural makeup, styling up my Great Lengths hair extensions, a quick bowl of fruit & yogurt and I’m out the door. I get the subway everywhere in New York and this week I started off shooting a look for my blog down in my favourite part of the city, Soho. I shoot here regularly as I love the cobbled streets. Once my shoot is over, I catch up with my photographer over brunch and it’s back to the apartment to reply to the emails that have come through over the weekend. I also get some editing and blogging done.



I start my Tuesday with aerial yoga down in a cute yoga studio in Union Square. I just started aerial yoga and I’m absolutely hooked. It’s an amazing way to build strength, tone and to relax my mind. As I will be spending some of the class hanging upside-down, I usually pull my hair into a loose plait to keeps things practical but cute. I then go and grab croissants and hang out in Union Square with one of the girls to mull over our moves. The rest of the day is spent running from one end of the city to the next, portfolio under arm, attending some modeling castings.



It’s shoot time again for the blog. I regularly curl my hair during the week for shoots as I just love how my Great Lengths hair extensions give awesome volume & bounce when I style them. I try to do a different style with my hair like French braids & ponytails. Thankfully my Great Lengths bonds are so tiny I never have to worry about them being seen when my hair is pulled back. This time I’m jumping on the train to head over to my other favourite parts of the city, Dumbo in Brooklyn. With a hop & a skip, I’m camera ready. It’s then back to have my head buried in my laptop for the afternoon. Not so glamorous.



I have an early start with some meetings with beauty & fashion connections in the city. I always want to look my best and thankfully my hair doesn’t need much work. My Great Lengths hair extensions are terrific at holding yesterday’s curl so I’m ready to go in a jiffy. I usually head to Maison & Kaysor on 5th avenue of Koffee Korner on 6th where you will find the BEST almond croissants in the city. At this point you might notice a pattern with my obsession with pastries! To work off the guilt I head for a late afternoon gym session. I usually do a 15 minute session on the cross trainer followed by sit ups, squats and light free weights. I always make sure to use my Great Lengths Anti-Tap water before working out.



It’s a quick pit-stop by my NYC agency to shoot some polaroids requested by a client and much of my day is spent doing castings. The requirement is hair tied back, but that’s fine. I still feel confident with my long ponytail at the back thanks to my Great Lengths. If it’s not too far I always try to walk to and from the castings to learn more about the city. Even though I moved to NYC earlier this year I travel a lot with the blog, which makes it’s exciting as there’s still so much to see in the city that never sleeps. Speaking of travel, I spend most of my Friday evening organising the itinerary for some exciting trips I’ve got coming up next year.



I like to take weekends completely off. I usually head down to Central Park for a walk, always making time to stop by The Plaza Hotel food court for a Nutella crepe or frozen yogurt. Central Park is so beautiful this time of year with all the autumnal colour – I blend right into the leafy background with my red hair! It’s then back for a quick outfit change where I French braid my hair – I love this style and think it’s really cute.



Sundays are all about chill time. I’ll usually have a very lazy morning at one of the brunch spots on my very long list of places to try, followed by a trip to the spa for a back massage. Thankfully my hair pulled up into a bun still looks glam – my hair extensions help enhance my hair, especially the volume and thickness


I’ve been wearing Great Lengths Hair extensions for many years now and I would be lost without them. They add volume and the colour match is incredible thanks to a great application by my stylist, Ceira Lambert. I feel so lucky to be aGL Lovely as my extensions definitely boost my confidence and make me feel 100%. 

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