100% You with GL Lovely Gabriella Pisani

This month we’ve caught up with the gorgeous Gabriella Pisani: blogger, journalist and devoted Great Lengths wearer.

Author of London-based beauty and lifestyle blog bygabriellalondon.com, Gabriella gives us a glimpse into her busy schedule. Here’s her exclusive day-to-day diary where we discover why she loves wearing Great Lengths extensions and how they make her feel 100%.


It’s my last day in London before jetting off to Dublin for two days, followed by Dubai for a week. I have a full day of meetings (starting very early), packing and an exercise class to fit in, so having curled my hair the day before, I like to tie my Great Lengths hair extensions back into a loose, messy ponytail to keep them out of the way whilst still looking styled!


I’m up at 5am for a flight to Dublin, so having washed (and plaited) my hair last night with some salt spray spritzed through for texture, I leave my hair loose and wavy for the journey to Ireland. Once arriving, I have a blow-dry booked in before a big evening event so I opt for something big and bouncy.


Today I’m flying home from Dublin mid-morning, with a very quick turnaround before heading back to the airport to fly to Dubai. The amazing thing about Great Lengths is that they hold styles so well, so my blow-dry from yesterday is still going strong – my hair never usually looks this good for a flight!


Touch down in Dubai early morning! I’m heading straight to the beach for some much-needed sunbathing and sleep. My hair is back into a plait for the day as it’s so hot and humid here! I always use so much sea salt spray on holiday as I love that messy, wavy hair that the sun and sea gives you and my extensions wear perfectly, acting just like my natural hair.


I’m shooting some beach-inspired outfits today for my blog, so I’ve loosely tonged my hair for the day ahead using some oil through the ends to keep them hydrated in the heat. Then I’m out with friends for the evening to a cocktail bar. I re-tong random sections of hair that have dropped out throughout the day and I’m good to go.


It’s my best friend’s birthday out here in Dubai today, so the glam stakes are well and truly high. I love getting dressed up for special occasions, so having opted for red lips and cat eye flicks, I want big waves to match. I tong small sections of hair and then pin them after, leaving for an hour or so. This lets them cool and makes the waves last all night. I’ve found Great Lengths are amazing for this – they really do hold a curl, whereas I can sometimes struggle on this front with my natural hair.


My head is a little sore after an amazing evening, so it’s back to the beach to chill out and recuperate. I wear my hair in a loose ponytail with a cap on when it’s really warm, and today went up to 31 degrees!

I love my Great Lengths, especially while on holiday. My curls hold so well – even in the humidity – and I never have to stress about having a bad hair day, meaning I have so much more time to relax and enjoy the sun!

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