100% You with GL Lovely, Nia Marshalsay-Thomas

To celebrate the launch of 100% You, we caught up with Welsh TV Presenter, Model and GL Lovely, Nia Marshalsay-Thomas to get a sneak peak into her busy schedule and to see how her Great Lengths fit in to her day to day life.

Nia juggles TV Presenting and Modelling with her 9 to 5 office job and is Mummy to be. Read on to learn more about Nia and why she loves wearing Great Lengths and how they make her feel 100%.

Monday: My day starts with a photoshoot. I’m 28 weeks pregnant so I have a couple of polaroid’s taken to update my portfolio for any future maternity bookings. I always go to a photoshoot with clean dry hair, however as it was just polaroid’s my hair was put up in a bun. I always worried about putting my hair up with extensions, but with Great Lengths there is never a bond in sight and the hair blends perfectly with my own hair. After the shoot it’s straight on to work in the office.


Tuesday: I was tired after a long day yesterday so woke up having slept with my hair in a loose plait, ran the brush through it and went to work! Something I could never do with my natural hair. I have Great Lengths for length and volume as my own hair was damaged after a bleach wash – my Great Lengths mean less styling and heat damage, which in turn has helped my own hair massively.

Tuesday evening I go to the gym, I use the running machine and free weights to try to keep myself as active as possible in the final trimester.


Wednesday: Another day in the office followed by an ‘Aqua Fitness’ class. The class was very active which meant my hair got wet, however I use the Great Lengths Anti Tap, which adds moisture and is perfect for after working out or swimming.


Thursday: Morning spin class followed by a day in the office. I struggle to dry my hair properly after morning spin as I don’t have much time. I concentrate on ensuring the bonds are dry and leave the ends slightly damp. They dry with a lovely natural wave.


Friday: Last day in work! Yipeeeee!! I put my hair in a ponytail – it looks so much better than my natural hair in a ponytail – it has the added length and volume so looks great. I head out for a coffee with my husband after work on Friday as a treat!


Saturday: I had my hair dyed on Saturday – I fancied a bit of a change! As Great Lengths is 100% human hair I can dye it as I do my own hair. I went from dark to having a few more blondes through it. The hair is so amazing that people can’t tell the difference between my hair and the extensions. The bonds have been in for nearly five months now but still look and feel great thanks to regular maintenance appointments.


Sunday: My husband and I are off to a spa for a couple of days. Being pregnant (I am trying not to moan) I fancied a pick me up and a couple of days relaxing by the pool and being pampered is just what I needed. I have my hair up in a bun, my robe on and I can actually say thanks to my Great Lengths I feel quite glamorous all things considered!

I’d recommend Great Lengths to anybody who wants to enhance their looks, and I feel extremely lucky to be a GL Lovely. I feel better about myself when I have my Great Lengths – they just make me feel a little bit more glamorous and confident. They are just so seamless, and as they are 100% human hair it means you can style them just like you would your natural hair, you can style them however you like, dye them, cut them… they are just so versatile and nobody will even know you’re wearing them. There’s no extra weight to them. They are just fabulous!

I really do recommend Great Lengths to everybody. If I’m off filming and on location early the next morning, they’re absolutely perfect as I can wash my hair the night before and be pretty much good to go when I wake up – they have made my life so much easier. Thanks to Great Lengths I feel 100% me, but with a lot more confidence and less effort.

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