100% You With GL Lovely, Rebecca McKinney

This month we caught up with Northern Irish Radio Presenter, Stylist and GL Lovely, Rebecca McKinney.


Rebecca presents the biggest commercial radio show in Northern Ireland and has a successful styling and fashion business. In her exclusive day-to-day diary, we learn why Rebecca loves wearing Great Lengths and how they make her feel 100%.


I am travelling back from Basel in Switzerland today, where I was covering the Northern Ireland World Cup Playoff game for Cool FM. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the result we wanted, but having just had my new Great Lengths applied in Belfast by Paula McCourt (Paula McCourt Hairdressing) before I flew out, my hair has been on to a winner! This time I went for long, super dark, glossy hair and the shine and colour lasted as I travelled, without worrying about washing it! Result!


Finally home and enjoying a well deserved day off – I make the most of those mornings when the alarm doesn’t go off before 5pm. Today was brunch and a spot of shopping, with my hair pulled back into a Kim K style – middle parting and a low ponytail.

Into the studio this morning for the breakfast show and it’s a chunky knit jumper, jeans, boots and ponytail kind of day. My bonds have been really well applied by Paula McCourt Hairdressing, and blend with my natural hair colour – this means they are virtually invisible so I don’t need to stress about any telltale signs. My natural hair is long, but fine, so to have a big, bouncy ponytail makes me feel glamorous, even when I’m casually dressed.

Today I’m helping one of my clients find her dream wedding dress. A special day for her and I want to look chic and smart as her stylist, so before the appointment, I nip into my hairdressers, to get a bouncy blowdry. Great Lengths look perfect styled with a bounce. I love that 1950’s inspired wave and with simply running a paddle brush through my curls, I have an ‘Insta’ worthy look that will last all day.

Great Lengths give me the confidence to go from a gorgeous blowdry to a tight topknot, with all the volume and shine, while still looking like my own hair. I’m rushing to a pilates class today, and as usual, time is not a luxury I have, so knowing I can train and not have my extensions affected is a relief. They just make life so much easier! Knowing that they don’t damage my hair is another reason why I love them so much.

Today marks the start of Christmas for me; I’m hosting the Belfast ‘Christmas Lights Switch On’ in front of seven thousand people. My hair is just as important as my outfit for this event, as I know I’ll be in lots of press photographs. This year I’ve gone for a cool plaited up style and statement earrings. The best thing about Great Lengths is I never get bored of being adventurous with my hair – anything is possible when they look so natural and give me that volume I have craved for years!

I usually plait my hair when I go to bed or wear it in a low bun, then brush it out in the morning. I adore that lose wave hold that last for days after a blow dry. My natural hair would never be able to do this! My one day off and I’m brunching with the girls and then heading for a long walk with my family in the afternoon. My hair is brushed out waves under a biker boy hat.

My Great Lengths give me so much confidence and save me time. They are my glossy, gorgeous lifesavers! I would recommend them to anyone! They genuinely do make me feel 100%.

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