2017 Hair Predictions

With every New Year we love awaiting new trends! Last year was big for pastel hair colours, double buns and undercuts. This year we’ve been predicting some key trends that we think will be huge in 2017.

We think ‘wet look’ hair will be a big style this year, this style works for both men and women with hair up or down (so versatile!). We began to see ‘wet look hair’ on the celebs towards the end of last year, with none other than Kim K frequently rocking this look, but this year we’re hoping more people will be encouraged to try it. Recreate this look with a healthy dose of our Super Shine Spray or our Serum hair fluid (also product of the month)!

We’re also in love with ‘denim hair’, we think we’ll see this style dominate colour trends, especially in the lead up to Summer. Read our full blog on denim hair here. Don’t forget to check out our pinterest board on denim hair; what a winner!

Step away from the scissors! Super length hair is set to make it big this year; we’re predicting an increase of Cher hair. Classic, super waist length hair – having started to emerge last year from the likes of Rihanna and the Kardashians. Are you too impatient to grow your hair? Fine by us! Check out our Salon Locater to find your nearest Great Lengths salon.

Whatever hair trends 2017 holds; we can’t wait to see. Let us know your trend predictions for this year on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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