Beauty resolutions you can actually keep

We’re officially three weeks into January, and Blue Monday is finally over. But the question on everyone’s lips seems to be, how are your New Year’s resolutions going?

Whether you said to yourself you would go to the gym seven days a week, or swore you’d ditch chocolate for good, it’s around this time that those huge promises begin to feel like a burden.
Instead of stressing out, make 2018 the year you take more time for yourself. You can start by focusing on creating a better beauty routine and, to help, we’d like to share some of our easy to follow haircare tips to keep your tresses in tip top condition.

Rather than resolutions, simply think of them as new, healthy habits for your hair!

Repair your hair

Over the festive period, your hair endures a lot. Slick ponytails, messy buns, bouncy curls – the works. Say no to heat, fight off product build-up and book yourself into hair rehab by beginning the year with a luxurious treatment programme.

Your New Year detox can and should extend to your hair. Cue Bio A+O.E; an organic hair styling range which is also vegan certified. We absolutely love and endorse this fantastic three-step treatment system which uses active plant ingredients to detoxify hair from chemicals and return it to its natural condition, regaining shine, silkiness and strength in 21 washes.

Treat tangles in the shower

Hair prone to tangling? Our top tip? Use a wide tooth comb on your hair whilst your conditioning treatment or treatment mask is on and then run your fingers through your hair to catch any stubborn knots or tangles. Doing this whilst the conditioner is on the hair makes it a lot easier as it encourages the hair cuticle to lay smooth.

Care for your colour

Coloured hair needs more love and attention. This year, create a haircare ritual and give your hair the much-needed TLC it craves by using shampoo and conditioner designed especially for coloured treated hair. Great Lengths Colour Reflex Shampoo contains ingredients to gently cleanse and add moisture whilst protecting the colour of your hair. Our Protector Instant Care Spray, meanwhile, is ideal for conditioning on the go – it even prevents destruction and bleaching from sunlight too.

Braid before bed

Loosely tying your hair up at night can help to minimise movement, which means your hair is less likely to become tangled and knotty. If you are a hair extensions wearer, this is especially important as it can help protect the bonds.

Even better, braids encourage a natural beachy texture – perfect for creating heat-free loose waves the next morning. Voila!

Swap the towel for a t-shirt

Frizz getting you down? Try blotting excess water from your hair with a t-shirt, rather than drying it with a towel. This is a really great tip for women with naturally curly hair, and you’ll instantly see a difference.

When it comes to sleeping, catch some Zzzs on a silk or satin pillowcase too. The smooth texture won’t break or damage the hair cuticles.

Buy a double-bristle hairbrush

Finding the perfect brush for your hair can completely transform the way it looks.

A double-bristle hairbrush gently teases tangles out before they turn into knots keeping tresses manageable and looking sleek. We recommend brushing around three times a day to keep hair looking as smooth as possible.

Style your hair everyday

Your hair is your ultimate accessory, but all too often we don’t give ourselves the time to make it look as we’d hope. Set five minutes aside each morning and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference this can make when styling your hair. From a sleek ponytail to beach waves, you can do a lot in just 300 seconds!

2018? We think it’s going to be the year of all things hair. Remember, you can find more hair tips and inspiration, from guided tutorials to celebrity hair looks, over on our blog!

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