Become a Great Lengths Bride

A wedding isn’t just any day, it’s the day, a day that you may have been planning your whole life or perhaps only since your engagement. Either way, one of the fundamental (and most exciting) aspects of planning a wedding is gathering inspiration for that big day. What dress, shoes, venue, flowers and hair will create the dreamiest wedding memories to celebrate your special day?

So it comes as no surprise that hair is a huge aspect of planning your wedding, the photographs will bring back happy memories and nostalgia in years to come. At Great Lengths we want to be part of that special journey in helping you to become the bride.

Lot’s of brides come to us looking for long luscious locks for their wedding day. Great Lengths are perfect for this, as they are 100% human hair, which means that they give an all over natural look that mirrors your own hair, strand for strand.

Great Lengths style just as your natural hair does, which can be a huge bonus for many brides who may not be sure on what hairstyle to opt for on their big day.

You should book your Great Lengths consultation about 2 months before your wedding as this allows your stylist to discuss what length/thickness is right for your desired look.

Around 4-6 weeks before your wedding is the perfect time to have your Great Lengths fitted. With long hair you’re sure to start feeling like a bride!

We wanted to showcase just how versatile Great Lengths can make your hair come the day of your wedding. Check out Holly’s transformation. This was her hair before…

We spent time creating four iconic looks for Holly, showing the many styles that can be created with Great Lengths. Firstly, look at these cascading curls. Long, curly hair is so desirable for the modern-day bride, as it gives an essence of effortless simplicity, while looking volumous and styled.

We took these curls and tightened them into a pretty pony. We think this look is amazing if you have a backless or a detailed back dress.

Taking it back down and simple we straightened Holly’s hair into a straight lustrous length look. This is another simple look, but it’s perfect if you want to show off the length of your hair.

The final look was this bold braid. This look is one of our all time favourite bridal looks as it combines the detail of an up-do, whilst allowing you to show off the length of your hair. It also allows for a beautiful hair accessory that can twist round the braid. A modern twist on a classic.

Whatever look you want to go for on your wedding day, become the bride with Great Lengths. Book your free consultation today…

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