Get the Look: Corset Braids

After a year of braids – from boxer to French, fishtail to halo, right now, we’re hooked on corset braids.


The corset braid trend involves weaving ribbon through your braids, similar to a corset, to liven up your look.


The trend isn’t actually very complicated itself and was first seen at Vancouver Fashion Week in September with models in Lesley Hampton’s fashion show sporting the elegant look for the first time. The models wore pale blue and green ribbons, juxtaposing their edgy outfits.


As well as emulating this runway look, people are now incorporating corset braid styling into other braided styles, from Dutch and French to ponytails with ribbons.



If you fancy adding corset braids to your repertoire, check out our tutorial here and share your creations with us @GreatLengthsUK @Great LengthsIRE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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