Hair of Fame Hero – Denise Phillips

This month’s Hair of Fame crown was awarded to Denise Phillips, salon owner of Pelo Hairdressing. We caught up with Denise to get the low down on her hairdressing highlights and hear about her experience within the industry.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your career

I began my hairdressing career when I was 17 years old, working in a small salon. I then worked for Peter Marks, one of the biggest hair companies in Ireland where I was on the Redken Artist Team. This opened up many opportunities for me and allowed me to travel to places, including London where I attended industry leading hair events on behalf of the company.

In 2015 I opened my own salon, Pelo Hairdressing. Since launching two years ago we have trebled in size and in addition to operating a full-service hair salon, we also offer lots of beauty treatments. In 2016 we won the ALFARPARF Milano Fantastic Inixia Award – this was a huge achievement for us, as we were the first ever salon to win this award in such a short time of being open – within one year! Since then we have also gained an award for 2017 Best Newcomer with RSVP – I’m immensely proud of the team and all we have achieved to date.

Why did you choose to work with Great Lengths?

When I was opening my salon I wanted to ensure that we used the best brands out there. I wanted to be able to offer our clients the latest trends and ensure we had the highest quality product so that we could deliver the highest quality results. Great Lengths is a world leader in hair extensions and is such an established company. It only uses 100% human hair, which means it behaves like your own hair and offers a more natural look. The training and education within the company is also fantastic and is another reason why I chose to work with them.

How do you think synthetic hair compares to 100% human hair?

The styling of synthetic hair cannot be compared to that of 100% human hair – with Great Lengths you can use heated tools and it looks and becomes your own hair. With Great Lengths you also can’t tell the difference between the natural hair and the hair extensions.

What are the major differences you see with other brands in comparison to Great Lengths?

The major difference that I see between other brands and Great Lengths is the life span and longevity of the hair extensions. With Great Lengths, it can be six months in and your hair extensions will still look and feel as good as the day they were fitted. You will also experience no shedding throughout and the maintenance is simple. Although not essential, for those wanting to extend the life of their hair extensions, Great Lengths also offer a fantastic range of specialist aftercare products, which have been scientifically proven to extend potential wear by up to 20%. Finally, because Great Lengths use unique bonds, it allows the hair to grow freely without any damage to the natural hair.

How would you describe the application method of Great Lengths?

The thing I love most about Great Lengths is that they never feel heavy for my clients, and the head isn’t sore after application. Also, there is never any tell-tale signs of the bonds as they lie flat to the head. With Great Lengths you can colour blend and custom make individual coloured strands to suit your client’s needs.

How easy do you find it to style hair when using Great Lengths?

I find Great Lengths easier to style than the natural hair as it holds the style much better. For example, if you curl your hair extensions it will hold until your next shampoo. A lot of our clients save on colour as when they have Great Lengths they only get their T section done or go for the masking colour service.

Where can we find you on social media?

To see more of Denise’s work visit her Instagram or Facebook page.

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