Detox with Bio A+O.E.

Christmas has passed, 2018 is finally here and it’s safe to say after a month of family get-togethers and parties with friends, we’re all in need of a detox.

If you’re thinking of swapping the sofa for the gym, the cheese board for some veggies and mulled wine for water, don’t forget to also pay special attention to your hair after the busy festive period.

From bouncy curls and poker straight locks to sophisticated updos, your hair goes through a lot in December. All that heat and hairspray can cause damage, and if you’ve noticed your hair feels dry, brittle or simply lacks volume and shine, it’s time to say no to harsh chemicals and hello to all things natural.

Botanicals hold the secret to healthy hair (and healthy hair extensions), and that’s why we love and endorse BIO A+O.E. range. 100% organic and 100% vegan certified, it’s our absolute go-to hair care range when it comes to hair that’s in need of some TLC.

Working to cleanse the hair of toxins and chemicals, BIO A+O.E is the perfect answer to your hair’s fresh start and the much-needed detox it deserves. There are five different BIO A+O.E. treatment ranges available, offering the perfect antidote for all kinds of hair woes.

For best results, a three-step regimen is recommended. Shampoo, condition and spritz on BIO A+O.E. water – in just 21 days you’re guaranteed to see a transformation.

Detox the right way

Lacking volume? Try the 01 Volumizing

If your hair is feeling limp and lifeless, the 01 Volumizing treatment collection is the perfect choice. Designed to gently cleanse while adding some much-needed moisture, hair is strengthened, looks fuller and feels completely rejuvenated.

Dry and damaged: Try the 02 Restructuring

Heat causing havoc to your hair? Dry and damaged hair is common, especially after Christmas. Restore your hair to its normal pH balance and add shine with the 02 Restructuring treatment collection.

Feeling brittle? Try the 03 Reinforcing collection

Say no to fragile hair once and for all with the 03 Reinforcing treatment collection. Luckily, adding strength back into your hair is so much easier than hitting the gym – this kind of detox is simple. Just relax and massage the 03 Reinforcing Shampoo into the scalp before following up with the 03 Reinforcing Conditioner, and finishing with the 03 Reinforcing Water.


Tame the frizz: Try the 07 Frizz Control collection

Frizzy locks? We promise you’ll never have to deal with them again when you choose to detox with BIO A+O.E.’s 07 Frizz Control collection. Even if you’re planning a winter vacation, humidity won’t stand a chance.

Control excess oil: Try the 09 Sebum Control collection

Take charge with the 09 Sebum Control collection. Helping your hair to feel balanced by removing excess oil, this is one detox you might enjoy long into the new year.

Start the year right, and be good to your hair.  Give your hair a much-needed detox this January and get ready to feel amazing and 100% you throughout 2018!

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