Emma Watson: A Hair History

With the release of the live-adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, we have been taking a look back at Emma Watson’s iconic hair looks.

She first came on to our screens in 2001, as she played the iconic Hermione Grainger in the renowned Harry Potter film series. We can’t help but squeal at how cute her bushy hair and bangs were!

Fast-forward a few years’ young Emma is growing up! Keeping the fringe but, taming the hair and dying it blonde.

In 2008 we saw Emma Watson with a smart up-do, parting her hair to the side, and pushing the fringe away.

In 2010, after the Harry Potter film series ended, all jaws dropped when Emma chopped her hair into a short pixie cut. Despite us being a sucker for long hair, she looked amazing.

Two years later at The MTV Movie Awards, Emma looks amazing with this wavy bob.

We love this side fringe ponytail she wore in 2014 at The Oscars, looking so grown up!

Here we are in 2017, and Emma has gone from Hermione Grainger to every young girls dream – a Disney Princess. Here’s our last hair look for Emma at The Beauty and the Beast premiere… This up-do was so glamorous!

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