FAQ: Does hair get thinner as you age?

Have you found your once voluminous locks are now lack lustre? Or maybe you have noticed your hair becoming drier and more brittle over the last few years? You’re not imagining it – there are many reasons why your hair can become thinner over time. With a number of factors including environmental damage, diet, styling and heating over the years, along with the general ageing process, hair definitely can get thinner over time, with many women noticing more shedding from the age of 40.

Here, we’re addressing some of the most common reasons for hair shedding and how Great Lengths can help.

Hair density and thickness

On average, we lose around 100-125 strands of hair a day, but as we age this rate of shedding speeds up dramatically. This causes your hair to look much thinner, especially around the crown of your head. At the same time, the life cycle of our hair (usually 2 – 7 years) decreases, slowing down the rate of growth and leading to an even greater loss of hair.

What’s more, our hair follicles shrink as we age, and they can even stop producing new hairs, resulting in the look of thinner and finer hair.


Hormonal changes and the menopause are perhaps the most common reasons for hair loss in women as the levels of oestrogen produced begin to decline during this time. Oestrogen is key to healthy, thick hair as it lengthens the growth cycle of hair and stimulates the growth of new hair once old strands have shed. As levels of oestrogen begin to decrease, hair regrowth is slower or even halted, and thus can begin to look much thinner than before.


Iron deficiency is a key factor in hair loss and contributes to the look of thin hair. Iron is crucial in the transportation of oxygen – a deficiency sends your body into ‘survival mode’ and ensures all oxygen you take in is sent to your vital organs, as opposed to your hair, making it look less thick and healthy.

As we age, our bodies process nutrients, like iron, less efficiently, which is why iron deficiency is a key contributing factor to hair thinning.

Banish thin hair

If you’re wanting to leave your fine hair behind, Great Lengths extensions could be the perfect solution for you. Not just used for adding length, our extensions can be used to add thickness and volume to your hair, without causing damage to your natural hair or scalp.

We want to help you feel 100% You, so upon consultation, our stylists will assess your hair and find the perfect match for both your natural colour and current hair density so that the end look will look completely natural and seamless – nobody will even know you’re wearing extensions! It doesn’t have to be a full head of extensions either. Many of our clients have a small number of extensions to fill out sparse or thinning areas, usually found around the front of the hairline. These are commonly referred to as ‘filler services’ and can make such a huge difference.

With GL Tapes Plus, hair is blended right up to the tape line to offer a more discreet finish – there are a number of options available with Great Lengths to help add depth and create the illusion of volume for fine or thinning hair.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about causing damage to your natural hair either, as our extensions have been scientifically proven not to damage hair when they are applied and removed properly. All our certified stylists have completed an intensive Foundation Course to learn how to expertly apply and remove our extensions, so you can rest assured knowing your hair is in the best possible hands.

Find your nearest salon or freelance stylist and book in for a consultation today!

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