FAQ: Are Great Lengths suitable for fine or thinning hair?

Looking for a solution for your fine or thinning hair? If volumising shampoos and mousses don’t quite make the cut, and you’re looking for ways you can leave your fine or thinning hair worries in the past, we’ve may just have the answer. Great Lengths extensions. Gone are the days when extensions are just used to give clients mermaid length hair. Great Lengths can also be used to add thickness and volume to your natural hair and help fill out sparse areas, giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of, without causing damage to your natural hair.


There are many contributing factors to hair loss and thinning; styling, weather, colouring and ageing are just a few, but the list can go on. Whether your hair density is naturally fine or your locks are thinning, with the help of our certified stylists and countless shades of quality Great Lengths hair extensions, you’ll never have to worry about limp and lifeless hair or gaps in your up-do again. We’re here to help you achieve the best possible you and give you the confidence you deserve. We want to help you feel 100%. 100% You with beautiful hair.

People often wonder if the application and removal process will damage their natural hair, making it even finer, but Great Lengths extensions have been scientifically proven not to damage hair when applied or removed correctly by a certified stylist. All of our certified stylists have completed a two day Foundation Course and have learnt how to expertly apply and remove our extensions, without causing damage to your hair or scalp, so you can rest assure you and your hair are in the best possible hands.


During your free consultation, one of our stylists will assess your hair, find the perfect colour match for your natural hair, and advise how many bonds or GL Tapes you need dependant on your hair type, coming up with the perfect hair solution for your unique needs. Many of our clients look to Great Lengths for simple filler services to thicken their hair around the face – which may have snapped or shed over the years. Just a few GL Tapes or pre-bonded extensions around this area can completely transform and enhance your natural look.


Whether it’s a full head to thicken out your hair and add volume, or a few fillers in the sides, Great Lengths really can help provide the solution for fine or thinning hair. With over 60 shades available, ranging from biscuit blondes to walnut browns, moonstone silver and balayage blends, the end results will look completely natural and discreet. No-one will even know you’re wearing extensions


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