Game of Thrones: A Hair History

The release date of the highly anticipated season 7 of Game of Thrones has been announced – 16th July 2017 – SAVE THE DATE!

We can’t help but reminisce back to the very beginning and of course, reminisce back on some of the famous hair journeys some of our favourite characters have gone on.

We’ve swooned over the long, medieval locks and seen intricate braids held together with authentic gold hair accessories. Of course, we’ve also seen devastatingly short pixie cuts!

But to show you just how much of a hair-gression we’ve seen over the years, we’re showing you some of our favourite season 1 and season 6 comparisons…

Jamie Lannister

Cersi Lannister 

Ayra Stark

Bran Stark

All this GOT talk getting you excited for the season premiere? Take a look at our Game Of Thones Get the Look video here and become your very own Queen of the seven kingdoms.

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