Get the Look- Beauty and the Beast

With the release of the live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast featuring Emma Watson on the 17th March 2017, we’ve created a special get the look to get you excited for the film release.

Recreate Belle’s glamorous half up half down hairstyle with our step by step video.

That’s right ladies, it’s time to get your best gold dress on and make the furniture talk with this hairstyle.

Everything you need to know is right here…

You will need:

  • A Curling Iron (for prepping)
  • C.O.N. Reformer Heat Defence Spray
  • Paddle brush
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Bobby Pins
  • C.O.N. Done Finishing Spray
  • Clear hair ties
  • Medium hair donut

How to prepare the hair:

Use I.C.O.N. Reformer Heat Defence Spray to give hold and control. Then barrel curl the hair using the Curling Iron. Leave to cool before removing the pins.

  1. Take out the pins and loosen curls with finger tips. Set Curls using I.C.O.N. Done Finishing Spray.
  2. Section off the bottom half of the hair. Take the remaining section from the crown and place into a loose ponytail.
  3. To create a bun, place the hair donut on the crown and pull the ponytail through. Secure in place with bobby pins.
  4. Backcomb the ponytail and separate the hair over the Donut, smoothing the surface. Use bobby pins to secure.
  5. Twist in any stray ends and secure with bobby pins.
  6. Leaving the fringe out, take each side section of hair and tie into a ponytail below the bun.
  7. Loop the ponytail towards the bun and pull down gently to create a twist. Loosen the hair slightly using your fingers.
  8. Working through the fringe area, tease the root with a Bristle brush.
  9. Pull fringe towards the bun and secure with a bobby pin. Fix with I.C.O.N. Done Spray.
  10. Repeat on the other side and remove pins once the hair has had time to set.
  11. Finish the look with I.C.O.N. Done Finishing Spray


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