GL Lovely & Blogger Jamie Rockers GL Tapes Experience

We recently caught up with GL Lovely and beauty blogger Jamie Rockers on her recent experience having GL Tapes applied for the first time with stylist Hadley Yates from Percy and Reed, London.

Focusing on beauty, lifestyle, food and travel, Jamie Rockers is definitely a blogger we love keeping up with.  Beginning her blogging career as a food and travel writer on Japan’s biggest ex-pat website and guest blogging on a popular American lifestyle website, Jamie’s blog is now an eclectic mix of all things fashion, style and substance.

When we heard Jamie Rockers was interested in having GL Tapes applied, we wanted to follow Jamie’s journey and find out more about her experience.

Jamie’s application took place at Percy and Reed, London with Great Lengths stylist, Hadley Yates.  Jamie began, “I did loads of research about tape-in extensions prior to booking with Hadley.  I discovered GL Tapes don’t damage your hair which is what I was most concerned about. 

I also wanted to know that the hair that was going to be applied to my head was ethically-sourced. Fortunately, the hair from Great Lengths is 100% ethically-sourced human hair of the best quality and fully traceable.”

Prior to the application day, Jamie ventured to Percy & Reed to have a consultation and colour match with Hadley.  This is the opportunity to discuss with your chosen stylist exactly what look you are wanting to achieve – whether it’s a dramatic transformation to added volume.  Jamie said, “my own hair is pretty fine so adding a bit of thickness and volume sounded good for me. I searched far and low for ways to add volume to fine hair and this was the solution!”

The Application Day

Prep: Jamie’s hair was prepped with Great Lengths Clean Remover Shampoo.  This removes any excess oils in the natural hair and ensures it is cleansed, ready for application.


GL Tapes are applied by sandwiching the hair between two tapes.  The hair is secured through a medical adhesive strip which is proven not the cause any damage to the natural hair and can last up 6-8 weeks and can be re-taped up to three times by a certified stylist.

Following her application, Jamie said, “You can get GL Tapes for a variety of reasons – for volume, to add length or even different coloured strands. Volume to me was key! Hadley applied my GL Tapes to my hair in less than 10 minutes – the entire process is so quick. I also like that tape-in extensions are temporary – they last about six weeks (eight weeks if you are looking after them really well). You can also get them put back in your hair and re-used another three times so once you get the hair, it can be cost effective as you can reuse it.

You can also style and wash your hair as normal – it is just advised you do not use any shampoos or hair products with sulphates, which I tend to avoid anyways.” 

Jamie continued, “So far, I am 4 weeks in with the GL Tapes and have had no issues at all. I’m using the Great Lengths aftercare shampoo and conditioner as well as the Great Lengths Large Paddle Brush (which I LOVE). Once I’m ready to have my tape-in extensions removed, the extensions will be donated to the Little Princess Trust charity where they will use the hair to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer or other illnesses. So, it’s a process that makes a full 360-degree journey which is in the end about giving. And how nice is that?”

Want to read more, follow the link here to read Jamie Rockers entire experience here or if you’re interested in beginning your own Great Lengths journey, find your nearest certified Great Lengths salon here.


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