Glastonbury Hairspiration

Muddly wellington boots, short shorts, crystal adornments and perfectly coiffed (dishevelled looking) festival hair…welcome to Glastonbury!


In or Out

This year flower crowns were out and dishevelled beachy locks were in. Although we are massive flower crown fans, we have to say that free flowing beach locks have certainly stolen our heart and were the perfect accompaniment to the boho style exhibited by so many of our favourite celebs.

To enhance your beachy locks, plump for our GL Apps extensions – perfect for adding length and volume to a style. They are also ideal for colour blending, and adding depth to your style – think sunkissed lowlights.

Up or Down

While it may seem a good idea to keep hair away out of harms way in a topknot or ponytail, many of our favourite celebs opted to keep their suspiciously gorgeous looking locks (we suspect secret blow-drying sessions) in a loose and flowing style. With not a bead, hair tapestry or smidgen of hair chalk/hair glitter in sight, the favoured look was decidedly minimalist.

Colours or Nudes

Festivals may be the perfect time to don your favourite brightly coloured waistcoat that remains hidden at the back of your wardrobe but where hair was concerned, Glastonbury goers kept it au natural. The only flash of colour we could detect was from Cara’s blue plait extensions and Ashley James’s pink dye job.

Despite the lack of colour at Glastonbury, we still found ourselves marvelling at the many natural tones that filled the festival. To enhance your natural colour, check out our range of pre bonded extensions, available in a wide range of blondes, brunettes and reds. These can be seamlessly added to your existing locks to create a new depth to your colour.

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