Q&A with Great Lengths Lovely Gabriella Pisani

We’ve sat down with one of our gorgeous GL Lovelies Gabriella Pisani, for a quick fire Q&A, answering all the questions you need to know about Great Lengths.

Gabriella is the Editor and Founder of lifestyle blog and YouTube channel, By Gabriella and has been a loyal Great Lengths fan since 2015. In this Q&A, Gabriella shares with us her top hair styling tips for holiday and nights out as well as the only advice you need to know if you’re considering getting hair extensions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career?
I write a blog called bygabriellalondon.com, having recently rebranded from prettyugly.co.uk. I write about health, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, travel and food. I started out, however, as a journalist, writing for publications including HELLO!, Look, The Sunday Mirror and Instyle. I eventually made the transition over to the blogging world when I realised print was moving over to digital very quickly, and working for myself, I could write in the way I liked and about the subjects I liked most.

What’s an average day for you?
An average day involves waking up at 7am, generally heading to the gym or a Kobox class (they’re amazing!), and then either having a breakfast meeting with a brand or more often than not, heading to a launch event. I’ll use social media all day every day, documenting my whereabouts and then I’ll work from a café or my office in Oxford Circus. Then I’ll either have afternoon meetings with PR’s again (this is to find out recent product launches and sometimes to liaise on collaborative work with brands).

Why did you decide to get Great Lengths?
I decided to get Great Lengths because my hair has never grown too much longer than past my shoulders and whilst it’s thick, having longer hair is a security blanket for me. I have a round face, and I like to balance that out with bigger hair.

What was it about Great Lengths that appealed to you?
Great Lengths have always offered the best quality hair and service over other brands I’ve trialled, and that’s why I always come back to them. I have never experienced matting, hair loss or irritation and the finished look is always so natural.

How long have you had Great Lengths for?
For about 2 years now, and I aim to continue this for many years to come!

What is your go-to hairstyle for a night out and how do you achieve this style?
Always, always wavy. I use a texturizing spray through the lengths of damp hair and then I blow-dry it upside down to get lots of volume and then smooth through it with
the round brush after. Then I tong it messily with the wand and brush the waves out after,
finishing with hairspray and a sea salt spray.

Do you have any top tips for styling your hair when you’re on holiday?
Less is more. Rather than fighting the humidity, I try and embrace it. I let my hair go a bit frizzy, and use loads of salt spray so it’s less fluffy. I also plait it loads to create loose waves and I use a colour-protecting cream when I’m in the sea or swimming pool.

Do you have a secret hair weapon?
Yes, dry shampoo. Not just soaking up oil from roots, it also adds loads of volume, softens waves and keeps them more tousled as well as keeping styles in place for longer.

Is there a specific routine you follow to look after your hair extensions?
I always use Sulphate free shampoos to start with. Then I only brush my hair with a tangle teezer or bristle brush and always wear it up at night to avoid knotting. I also brush over the bonds with a soft bristle brush to avoid matting – Great Lengths have a range of bristle brushes that are perfect for styling and blowdrying, its large paddle brush is specifically good for brushing longer length hair.

Do you experiment with your hair colour when you have your hair extensions?
Yes, all the time. I’ve recently gone very blonde compared to my natural dark brown and the extensions dye so well and blend brilliantly. The colour matching of Great Lengths is fantastic though, and I often give the illusion of balayage by just experimenting with different coloured hair extensions, rather than dying my own hair.

Who is your celebrity hairstyle icon?
Another blogger, Siva Nayla (@sivanayla), her hair colour is amazing, as is her effortless waves. Major hair envy!

What advice would you give to any one who is considering getting hair extensions?
Don’t go for the cheapest option (in fact just go for Great Lengths!). I’ve seen some horrendously applied extensions in the past, and not only can they look far too obvious, they can also cause hair loss if they aren’t applied correctly. I would also recommend having a thorough colour consultation first. I’ve had extensionists turn up in the past who just want to colour match on the day of application and turn up with what they think is the best colour, but it often doesn’t blend seamlessly.

How long do your Great Lengths hair extensions usually last?
Usually 3-4 months, minimum and then I’ll have them refitted. What I love about Great Lengths is that all the hair, after removal, is donated to the Little Princess Trust, which means it’s going on to a great
cause and giving back.

What is the most useful hair tip you’ve ever learned since working as a beauty journalist/blogger?
Definitely discovering hair extensions and how natural they can be. They are a total game changer, not just physically but also mentally, should you have hair confidence issues. There’s often a misconception that hair extensions are just for adding length, however they are great for adding volume and thickness as well as for adding colour without necessarily having to dye the hair.

Where can we find you on social media?
On Twitter @gabriellapisani, on Instagram @bygabriellalondon and on YouTube at youtube.com/c/bygabriellalondon.

Visit our Instagram page to view Gabriella’s gorgeous hair transformation with Great Lengths.

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