Great Lengths meets award winner James Henderson

James Henderson

We caught up for a quick chat and ‘Q & A’ with our Great Lengths Gold Trophy Of Excellence winner, James Henderson from M Hair – Nottingham.

Firstly, congratulations on winning the Great Lengths Trophy award! When did you first hear about the Great Lengths UK awards?

“I first heard about the awards for 2016 towards the beginning of the year, on the Great Lengths blog.”

What made you decide to enter the Great Lengths UK awards?

“My ambition since first working with Great Lengths was always to be at the top of my game, so entering the Great Lengths awards and Gold Trophy Of Excellence category was the obvious choice.”

What did you hope to achieve when you decided to enter the awards?

“I hoped that by entering, the judges would recognise my achievements with Great Lengths and get a chance to see my work and how I have grown my client base and business. I also wanted to showcase how my ideas have helped Great Lengths to now help children in ways that we wouldn’t have previously thought were possible.”

How did you go about creating the idea that you eventually submitted? Did you have several ideas or did you settle on your final idea straight away?

“I wanted my submission to cover my entire history as an extensionist, from the start of my career to now.”

How did you go about putting everything together?

“I decided that the best way to do this would be in the form of a photo book. That way, I was able to include examples of my work, screen shots of my extensive work with bloggers on YouTube and examples of all of my work with the Little Princess Trust.”

Did you decide to work in a team or by yourself and what were the pros and cons of this approach?

“As a creative person, I work best on my own so that I can reflect on my accomplishments and talk about my visions moving forward. I suppose it is a little like an author writing his memoirs!”

What advice would you give to any salons and stylists that may wish to enter into the next UK GL Awards?

“I would advise all Great Lengths stylists to enter the awards, as it is a great way to really be creative, showcase your individual style and get recognition for your work. It’s also a great way to bring a team together, with all of you working on your individual entries but bouncing ideas off one another.”

Tell us, how did you feel before your award win was announced and how did it feel when your name was announced on the night?

“On the awards night, I was confident about what I had achieved with the Great Lengths brand and I was hopeful that it would be recognised but there is always competition and you can never be sure who is going to win. It is also quite nerve racking until you hear your name, and then your nerves turn into elation.”

How will you use your fantastic awards success to promote your business, particularly your Great Lengths Extension service? What are you and the salon looking forward to next this year?

“I never stand still for long and am always thinking of ways to improve my extension business. Obviously, now having the title of extension excellence will be a great boost in terms of PR for us and I’ve got big plans for next year so watch this space!”

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