Hadley Yates – Ask The Expert

We caught up with stylist to the stars and Great Lengths expert certified stylist Hadley Yates from Hershesons, London to answer your most common questions on Great Lengths and discover what his upcoming trends predictions might be…

What would you say to those thinking about trying Great Lengths?
Great lengths are my go to brand. The quality is the best in the market with over 80 unique colour shades in their collection which blends with all my clients hair. I love the fact the hair is textured unlike a lot of brand on the market which are so straight and lifeless!

We’re sure you get asked lots of questions about hair extensions. What are the most common?
Do extension damage your hair? I get this asked all the time! I always explain to the clients it is completely down to the application. I cut a lot of my bonds down to half’s and thirds so there is no tension for the clients natural hair.  Also a lot of clients these days ask about where the hair comes from. Being a Great Lengths extensionist is fab as there is such a great story behind how the hair is sourced in a 100% ethical way.

Why do you think so many people are now choosing hair extensions?
I think people are using them in so many different ways. Hair extensions were always thought of as for just length however Great lengths are so customisable with textures too which is great for my curly haired clients!

What made you want to start working with hair extensions?
My mum went to the amazing Zoe Jasztel at Sihloute du Barry in Chelmsford and had them done when i was around 13 and i was so amazed that she had this beautiful new hair and i knew how much confidence it gave her. I used to love going and watching Zoe, she was a big inspiration for me.

What do you think the next trend in hair extensions will be?
It seems people are wanting more natural looks adding volume and using extensions to strengthen the front and add fullness.

What has been your favourite Great Lengths transformation?
A few years ago at Hershesons we wanted to show people its not just about super long massive hair so we created the fillers.  Fillers are used to add volume and thickness to clients hair in a subtle way, enhancing the natural hair.  I really enjoyed this and still do as its so satisfying working with people of all ages and making a big difference with a small amount of hair.

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