Hair of Fame Hero- Beverley Rosser

We’re delighted to announce this month’s Hair of Fame Winner, Beverley Rosser. We caught up with Beverley to ask her some questions about Great Lengths and her hairdressing success.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career

I first started hairdressing when I was 14 years old, working at a salon in Liverpool. I stayed there until I was 27 years old, working my way up to Salon Manager. Over the years I travelled Europe with Paul Mitchell and its artistic team and won several awards that built up my reputation and hairdressing credentials.

After working in the salon for 13 years I then decided to go freelance and be my own boss. As the years went on I got so busy I was struggling to fit clients in, so last year I took the plunge and in May 2016 I opened up my first salon in the cosmopolitan end of Liverpool.

Throughout my hairdressing career I’ve always been passionate about hair extensions – I started applying them when I was 18 and I’ve never looked back!


Why did you choose to work with Great Lengths?

I chose to work with Great Lengths because their reputation and demand is fantastic. Great Lengths offers everything an extensionist could need, from the quality of hair to the business help and support.


How do you think synthetic hair compares to 100% human hair?

There is no comparison! Great Lengths extensions are 100% human hair and you can really feel and see the difference. As a result they are so easy to style and give a totally natural look.


How would you describe the application method of Great Lengths?

The Great Lengths application method is outstanding. I love the endless creations you can achieve. From micro bonds to full bonds – they cater to all needs. The technology in the bond is great too; the hair stays in perfect condition with no damage. I’m such a Great Lengths geek!


Do you find Great Lengths are as easy to style as natural hair?

Great Lengths are exactly like your natural hair, you never have to second-guess what you can do. The styles that can be achieved are unbelievable, without ever seeing a bond! From tight ponytails to braids – there’s never any tell-tale signs that your wearing hair extensions with Great Lengths.


What is your favourite transformation to date and why?

Every transformation is so different; it is amazing to see the way it changes a clients confidence. Here are some of my favourites…

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram: @rosserhairdressing
Twitter: @RosserHair

Facebook: Rosser hairdressing & Luxury Hair Extensions Specialist


Find out how to become a Great Lengths Certified Stylist here.

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