Hair Like You

We’re excited to share with you our latest global campaign ‘Hair Like You’ which pays homage to our Italian heritage and celebrates women’s beauty, diversity and freedom. We’ve been inspired by the philosophy of storytelling and want to share with you our own story which emphasises how we began, who we are and what we stand for and what this means for you.

We are extremely proud of a number of factors which we live and breathe by. Offering the most premium quality extensions, which are ethically sourced, our aim is to empower women who dream of beauty and confidence. With this in mind, our latest collection imagery showcases strong, powerful women, who embrace their own style and individuality. This is accentuated with the help of Great Lengths to give a beautiful, natural finish to their look. ‘Hair Like You’ focuses on the model that Great Lengths Hair Extensions offer a bespoke service to each individual and that our hair can be completely customised according to your needs; Whether you’re looking to add volume, depth, colour or length.

The images from our latest campaign were shot in the stunning setting of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj; a historic Renaissance building which stands more magnificent than the rest, in the centre of Rome, where Great Lengths was founded.  Each model portrays a different story, a different life and unique style to relate to. They deliver an understanding of confidence in Great Lengths and how this relates to your own self. Naturally working in harmony with your lifestyle and every day routine. Being a part of you. Making you feel more confident. Make you feel…LIKE YOU! This is HAIR LIKE YOU.

Celebrating the unique, encapsulating beauty and the natural enhancement of Great Lengths hair. From consultation to the finished result, customise and transform your hair to what you’ve always dreamed of.

Confident. Feminine. Powerful and Flawless. Our Hair Like You campaign embodies this.

Shape, volume, colour and texture that is personalised according to the models face and personality.

VOLUME. Thanks to the application of Great Lengths extensions, volume can be enhanced and perfectly controlled and look effortless and natural.

The beautiful historical setting is counterbalanced by the contemporary look and feel of the collection, displaying a heterogeneous group of women of different age and origin.

We’re so excited about the next phase of our latest Great Lengths Global campaign: Hair Like You. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feelings about the new collection and hope you’ll join us on this journey throughout 2019.

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