Hair Of Fame Hero: Maureen McGuire

Congratulations to this month’s Hair of Fame winner, Maureen McGuire, Senior Stylist at Amore Hair & Beauty. Read on to learn about Maureen’s hairdressing career and why she loves working with Great Lengths.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career?
I started my hairdressing career around 10 years ago, when my sisters opened up a salon in the city centre. After five years working as a hairdresser, I decided to look into applying extensions and went on the Great Lengths training course. It wasn’t long until I became a certified Great Lengths extensionist and I have never looked back.

Why did you choose to work with Great Lengths?
When I began to introduce hair extensions to my clients, I knew that I wanted to provide them with the highest quality available. For me, this was without a doubt Great Lengths, in terms of not only its quality, but also its brand values. All Great Lengths hair is 100% human and ethically sourced so I know I can trust the brand and have 100% confidence that it will give my clients the best results possible, every time. The variety of colour choice is also fantastic – there are so many colours to choose from, which is a big plus when it comes to finding the perfect match for my clients.

How do you think synthetic hair compares to 100% human hair?
The two are incomparable! Synthetic hair is nowhere near the same quality as 100% human hair. With Great Lengths you can treat your extensions in just the same way as your own hair, for example, using heated appliances. You can style the hair exactly how the client desires and it looks natural every time. Nothing compares to Great Lengths!

What are the major differences you see with other brands in comparison to Great Lengths?
One of the main differences is the pro-longevity of the hair. Great Lengths continue to look and feel as good as new throughout the duration they are in. However, with other brands, the hair quality may decrease as time goes on and the hair may shed. With Great Lengths, if you look after your extensions, the hair maintains the same thickness and there is no damage to the natural hair.

How would you describe the application method of Great Lengths?
I find Great Lengths extensions so easy to apply. You can customise the bonds and mix and match colours, which allows you to get the exact match to your client. As the bonds are flat, it also allows the hair to sit perfectly to the head, which gives a totally natural look.

Do you find Great Lengths as easy to style as natural hair?
Definitely. I actually find that Great Lengths extensions are more manageable and easier to style than natural hair. For example, with Great Lengths, the final look can last longer, yet with natural hair the desired look may not hold as well.

What is your favourite Great Lengths transformation to date and why?
The below transformation is one of my favourites to date, as it shows that Great Lengths aren’t just amazing for adding length, but also for creating volume and achieving stunning styles such as these gorgeous waves.

Where can we find Amore Hair & Beauty on social media?
You can find Amore Hair & Beauty on Facebook @ amore hair and beauty ltd and on Instagram @ Amore hair and beauty

To book an appointment with Maureen visit our salon locator page here. 

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