Healthy Hair: Ingredients to look out for

If you’re struggling with limp, lifeless and lacklustre hair, it might be time to switch up your hair products. While it may sound obvious, haircare can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your tresses, and there are some wonderful ingredients you should look out for if you’d like to keep your natural hair, or Great Lengths hair extensions, in the best possible condition.

Of course, it can be difficult to know which ingredients to go for when browsing for new haircare. From oils and vitamins to biotin and even aloe vera, there’s a whole world of ingredients out there to combat specific hair woes.

Never fear, here at Great Lengths we’re armed with expert haircare knowledge to help you understand exactly what those must-have ingredients are and what exactly they can do for your hair. Check out some of the top ingredients to incorporate in to your haircare routine and guarantee healthier hair.


KERAPHLEX ® is made from a collection of innovative, protein-based active ingredients. Designed to strengthen hair, repair existing damage and prevent breakage in the future, it leaves locks looking sleek, smooth and – most importantly – healthy. KERAPHLEX ® is also fantastic at protecting coloured hair, leaving hair looking vibrant for longer.

You can find KERAPHLEX ® in our new Ultimate Blond Protection range.


Over time, factors such as chemical damage, sun damage and salt water can deplete the keratin levels in your hair. Pro-Keratin penetrates the hair to replenish the loss of keratin, leaving your locks smooth, soft and strong. Made from a unique combination of amino acids and proteins that match those found in your natural hair, it’s a brilliant restorative ingredient.

Argan Oil

Obtained from the kernels of a Moroccan argan tree, argan oil is wonderful for leaving your hair with an unbeatable shine. It contains Vitamin E, an ingredient known for locking in moisture, and it’s also great for moisturising skin. Bonus!


Derived from black oats, AQUARICH® is a complex created from polysaccharides and amino acids that contain sulphur. It strengthens, protects and adds hydration to hair, all while preventing tangles and reducing frizz.


An effective antioxidant complex created from Swiss Pinot Noir seeds and Tocopherol, GSP-T has been designed to protect hair from environmental influences. It helps to add shine, re-hydrate and maintain colour.


A form of vitamin B5, Panthenol improves moisture retention which over time, helps the hair to appear thicker and be less prone to breakage. You’ll find Panthenol inside Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water which is a specialist treatment designed to help neutralise the hair and scalp whilst also moisturising the hair.

Tiger Nut Oil

Similar to argan oil, tiger nut oil is an amazing ingredient for adding shine to hair. With high levels of oleic acid and Vitamin E, it’s excellent for helping your locks to maintain moisture. The result? Silky, soft and healthy hair.

Our Serum Hair Fluid contains tiger nut oil, as well as argan oil.


Biotin is also known as Vitamin B7. It promotes the natural balance of the scalp, and has been linked to improving hair growth.


FLEXAN® II, when used in haircare, effectively removes residue and product build-up. A brilliant cleanser to help really detoxify the hair and scalp.

Aloe Vera

Used for centuries thanks to its many beneficial properties, Aloe Vera is a must-have for hair. Containing Vitamin A, C and E, it can relieve scalp sensitivity, combat hair dehydration and restore pH levels.

Solamer™ GR8

This is a unique ingredient which protects hair from harmful UV rays. It also protects hair colour, preventing fading in sunlight – a must-have for your summer haircare routine.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is responsible for providing hair follicles with the nutrients they need to be strong and healthy. A lack of Vitamin B5 can result in hair loss and slow hair growth, while using a haircare product with this vitamin promises shiny, strong, nourished hair.


Sorbitol can be found naturally inside many fruits and berries, and it’s used in many haircare products to prevent moisture-loss. You’ll find it alongside Vitamin B5 in our Pearl Gloss Styler.

Jojoba Oil

You’ll find Jojoba oil in the Great Lengths 60 Second Conditioner, which is a must if you have dehydrated hair. Obtained from the seed of a jojoba plant, it effectively restores moisture and shine without weighing down the hair.

Here at Great Lengths, both the Bio A+O.E. organic hair styling range and our own Great Lengths aftercare products are packed full of the beneficial ingredients above. You can view the entire range here and purchase at your nearest Great Lengths salon. Here’s to healthy, happy great hair.

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