The Hidden Rainbow Hair Trend

The hidden rainbow hair trend is exactly what you think, a rainbow hidden beneath your hair, allowing you to be both subtle and striking at the same time!

If you can’t quite decide on the perfect hair colour, or not ready to experiment with bold and bright colours, the hidden rainbow could be just what you have been looking for.

Not Another Salon in London created the hidden rainbow, posting an example of their work on Instagram earlier this week, which has since gone viral. The salon is already known for producing bold styles and colours, but this could be their most original and wonderful idea to date.

The hidden rainbow means you are able to try new styles and be exactly who you want to be, when you want to be. We understand that it can be hard making a big colour change like this to your hair, so if you’re not brave enough to dye your hair, why not try out Great Lengths’ colourful hair extensions, at your local Great Lengths Salon. Check out our colours here.

With autumn coming up, you can brighten up your look at your desire, and what can be better than that right?

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