How to Wash your Hair Extensions

If you are already a Great Lengths hair extensions wearer, or are thinking about having hair extensions applied, here is a refresher on how to wash your hair extensions – so you can keep your locks looking as healthy and radiant as the day they were applied.

Cleansing your Hair Extensions

To cleanse your hair extensions, gently massage shampoo into the root area with soft motions – don’t be afraid, it is important that your scalp and bonds are cleaned thoroughly. Whilst washing your hair in the shower, it is best to tilt your head with the flow of the water as this helps avoid knotting. Using Great Lengths’ Daily Moisture Shampoo, which is suitable for all hair types will keep your hair silky and manageable. Rinse and repeat your shampoo treatment when you wash your hair extensions, and if you’re a regular swimmer or gym-goer be sure to rinse or wash your hair every time you exercise.

Conditioning your hair extensions

As your pre-bonded hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, it is also important to use a conditioner to keep them looking silky and smooth. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, which can be kept moisturised by using Great Lengths Conditioner 60 Sec, enriched with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil.

Drying your Hair Extensions

Now perfectly cleansed and conditioned, it is best to initially towel dry your hair extensions using blotting techniques. Avoid rubbing the hair with your towel, as this can cause knots or damage your bonds, and keep your drying motions gentle.

Once your hair is towel-dried, use your Great Lengths Plastic Brush to lightly tease out any tangles, taking care not to brush from the roots. When brushing or combing the hair, be sure to sweep the hair to one side and support in your hand as your brush. Once detangled, spritz your hair with Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water if an extra moisture-boost is required.

To keep your Great Lengths locks healthy, it is recommended that you dry your hair fully with a hair dryer. If you are short on time, make sure you at least dry the area with your bonds.

Do you have any other questions about Great Lengths hair extensions? Visit the FAQ page on our website to find out more.

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