Introducing Mirage by Angelo Seminara

We’re delighted to introduce our latest avant-garde collection, following a collaboration with Great Lengths global brand ambassador and renowned international and award-winning stylist, Angelo Seminara.


Inspired by the sublime beauty of the Namibian Desert in Africa, Mirage transports us to a peaceful, serene and colourful location.

Mirage prompts every viewer to reflect and return to nature. The collection showcases Angelo Seminara’s talent and creativity – and ability to combine colour with incredible texture and length using Great Lengths extensions. The collection also pays a true testament to the endless possibilities and looks that can be created using Great Lengths extensions

View a selection of the breath-taking collection and accompanying video below.

Art Direction: Angelo Seminara
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Hair: Angelo Seminara using Davines products and Great Lengths
Makeup: Daniel Kolaric
Models: Chloe Borges, Karolina Warzacha, Vahine Blaise


Want to see more stunning imagery from Angelo Seminara and Great Lengths? Check out last year’s collection, titled Emotions.

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