Introducing Mother of Pearl: This Season’s must have fashion shade

We’re very excited to welcome a limited-edition fashion shade to our current offering. Introducing you to…. Mother of Pearl.

Subtly integrating all of the Great Lengths customary fashions shades with a striking silver colour, Mother of Pearl is created using an intricate blending process to give an ultimately unique grey based shade. The result, a truly mesmerising colour with a pearly finish. Our recent International Great Lengths Mirage collection inspired by the sublime beauty of the Namibian Desert, showcases just how versatile the new Mother of Pearl can be, tiering the silver over a rich liquorice coloured base to create a truly mesmerising finish and showcasing just how versatile our Mother of Pearl can be.

Available in both pre-bonded and GL Tapes, Mother of Pearl is here for a limited period only and exclusive to Great Lengths certified stylists throughout the UK and Ireland.

Silver and grey hair is a big trend and the ice queen silver dream is set to continue. Mother of Pearl is perfect for blending with any colour across the silver hair spectrum from greys to white outs, to silver fades and streaks. With the subtle flex of colours which are blended to make this divine Mother of Pearl colour there’s no doubt your colour will be truly enhanced and transformed, alongside the lengthening or thickening results which Great Lengths extensions naturally bring.

To see our full range of shades, visit our shade guide. Alternatively, find your nearest Great Lengths certified stylist and arrange a free consultation using our salon locator.

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