Kylie Jenner – A Hair History

Beauty queen Kylie Jenner is certainly one to keep us on our toes with her ever-changing hairstyles. Her styles have ranged from dip-dyed to rainbow, platinum blonde to black, Kylie has shown that she can rock every style out there! Fancy changing up your look a-la Kylie? Well now you can with a little help from Great Lengths.

Dip Dyed

Kylie is undeniably a massive fan of the dip-dyed look, especially in mermaid tones and we don’t blame her – the dip-dyed trend is the hottest to grace instagram profile’s across the globe and can be as subtle or eye-catching as you like! To achieve the look without subjecting hair to long-lasting damage, why not try Great Lengths Flowstrand extensions, which are already dip-dyed and can be seamlessly blended with your natural hair to achieve your desired style.


The rainbow trend has slipped in and out of fashion all year and just when we thought it couldn’t possibly come back again, Kylie does this! Not to be taken lightly, the rainbow trend can be quite high maintenance…but not if you use Great Lengths! Available in a large range of fashion colours, Great Lengths extensions can give you the rainbow look without the hassle of having to colour your natural locks.

Platinum Blonde

Not afraid to venture over to the light side, naturally dark Kylie, absolutely rocks the blonde look! Difficult to achieve naturally, the platinum blonde style requires a lot of maintenance and comes hand in hand with lots of bleaching and colouring. To avoid these damaging processes, why not enhance your blonder side by weaving in Great Lengths blonde extensions to your natural hair.

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