Love is in the Hair: Treat your tresses this Valentine’s Day

Love is all around us, and this Valentine’s Day we want to make sure you focus on the most important person in your life – you.

Feel fabulous, confident and 100% you on February 14th, and treat your hair to some well-deserved TLC. If you ask us, nothing can transform the way you feel quite like great hair and with our top tips and tricks you’ll have a perfect, pampered Valentine’s Day no matter what you’re doing.


Show your hair some love the night before Valentine’s, and apply a nourishing hair mask to bring your locks back to life. So many of us neglect our hair when we’re in a rush, and if you’re prone to using a lot of heat conditioner sometimes isn’t enough.

Restore your hair with one of our favourite, hair-extension friendly masks. The Great Lengths Hair Mask Extra Rich uses both Pro-Vitamin B5 and Pro-Keratin to rebuild the hair’s natural structure – the perfect cure for dry, brittle and unmanageable tresses.   

Day to Night

Heading straight from the office to a bar or restaurant? Transform your look in a matter of minutes, and take your hair from day to night with our go-to after work hairstyle: the low ponytail.

Elegant, low maintenance and perfect for the time conscious, the low pony works with every outfit. Simply pull your hair back and tie with a bobble, then take a section from underneath and wrap it around the tie. Fasten with a grip, and you’re ready for the evening.

For the final finishing touch, apply a smoothing serum like the Great Lengths Serum Hair Fluid. With tiger nut oil to protect against free radicals, your locks will be smooth and soft all-night long.

Romantic Waves

Looking for a romantic, classic hairstyle for an intimate Valentine’s dinner for two? Our Pin Curl Waves work wonderfully for both long and short hair, and all you’ll need is a small curling tong (ideally 24 to 28mm in size), a bristle brush and some hairspray to recreate the look.

Glamorous and gorgeous, we have a feeling pin curl waves will become a favourite of yours whenever there’s a special occasion. With Great Lengths extensions, the waves will hold for longer too – discover a step-by-step guide to Pin Curl Waves here.  

Girl’s Night

Celebrating Galentine’s instead? Whether you’re planning on going out for brunch, having friends over for a quiet night in or plan to visit your favourite bar for a few glasses of wine, our feminine Love Heart Braid is the ideal updo for Valentine’s Day.

Discover how to get the look. View our how-to video, or follow the six easy steps below:

  1. Divide your hair with a centre parting that begins at the front of the head and runs to the nape of the neck. Then, working from the crown, take an inch of hair and section it in a diagonal direction from the temple, creating a heart shape with each section.
  2. Take all of the back section and comb into one section and secure at the nape of the neck.
  3. Starting at the crown, begin plaiting from the top of the head and down, following the lines of each section.
  4. Once you’ve reached the ear, continue to plait down to the ends of the hair and tie with a clear band. Then, tease out the plait. Repeat on the opposite side.
  5. Take out the back and then pull both plaits and position them together at the back of the head, securing with a clear tie. Remove the bands at the end of each plait.
  6. Take a section of hair and wrap around the remaining hair tie and pin in place.

Staying in or going out, with great hair you’re sure to have an amazing Valentine’s Day. In need of more hair inspiration? You’ll find plenty, just head back to our blog.

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