“Love” Wimbledon Hair

As celebrities begin turning up in their droves, quaffing champagne and munching strawberries, we know that Wimbledon season has finally arrived! Now whilst we enjoy a game of tennis as much as the next person, what we love most about this amazing sporting tradition is the sporting glamour that comes hand in hand with it.

If you find yourself inspired, here’s how to nail the ultimate sports chic look.

Twisted Ponytail

The twisted ponytail is the perfect style for sporty Great Lengths wearers as it keeps hair tidily tucked away, reducing the chance of bonds getting knotted and matted during rigorous exercise. We also love the messy-yet-chic look of this style, after all, no-one wants to look too polished at the gym, it may trick people into thinking you haven’t worked out at all!

Knotted Ponytail

Handy for those days when you find yourself up the creek without a paddle (aka without a hair bobble), the knotted ponytail is a chic and very practical alternative. Knot hair as many times as you deem necessary depending on hair length and volume and the result will ensure hair remains off your face throughout your workout session.

Faux Hawk Ponytail

In our opinion, there’s nothing more annoying than those little wisps of hair along the hairline constantly brushing all over your face during an intense workout. Easy to avoid, simply plait a faux hawk plait from the hairline, down the centre parting of the head before securing as a ponytail. Ideal for keeping extension bonds under control and free from tangles, this style has the added bonus of looking super fierce and on-trend. Why not rock this style during your next trip to the gym.

For more workout related hairspiration, check out our Pinterest page.

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