Loyalty Is Rewarded

We don’t like to keep anything from you here at Great Lengths – especially when it comes to important information about the salons you love and visit so religiously.

With over 2,500 certified stylists in the UK and Ireland, and over 200 salons Great Lengths decided to create a Loyalty target Scheme for those salons and for you guys at home to highlight just how much hair and products each salon goes through!

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze

The Platinum salons earn their title by selling the most, followed by the Gold salons, Silver and then the Bronze salons.

All of these salons takings are then calculated at the beginning of every year to see if any need moving up or down a notch!

But don’t be fooled, everyone! These ratings are not based on the level of expertise each salon/stylist has, as every single Great Lengths stylist has passed the same tests and has the same passion for making your locks look even more gorgeous than they already do!

So your presently titled ‘Bronze’ salon in your local area could be a set of Premium Bonds away, or simply recommending some of our amazing hair products to a friend away from being moved up to a Silver Salon!

We’ve given you the goods; now spread the word ladies and gents! And here’s to the notion of having a nation full of Platinum salons!

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