This year hasn’t just been about women lusting after luscious long locks, the guys have also gone mad for healthy long locks too. This year we’ve seen a rise in male celebrities swapping short buzz cut hairstyles for wavy shoulder length locks and not just for film roles.

Winter hair care is as big priority for any man and Great Lengths have a diverse range of products that can help men who dare to try longer hair styles by using our Men-hancements or just through natural growth.

Earlier this year Disney released Tarzan, starring Alexander Skarsgard in all his long haired glory.

Alexander brought long hair for men into the mainstream and whether your climbing trees or a ladder for work, live by the sentiment, long hair don’t care!

For younger males, Brooklyn Beckham has slowly been growing his hair, giving him that boy next-door vibe that makes everyone swoon. His styling is a popular choice for younger men to slowly start growing their hair and begin trying new styles until they find the most suitable one for them.

A regular long haired man is Jason Momoa who isn’t shy about tying his hair up in a bun or wearing it down and wild.

Be brave and grow your hair before the year is over, you won’t regret it!

And if you can’t wait to grow your mane, you can always speak to your local salon or stylist about Great Lengths easy to manage Men-Hancements.

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