With gents the world over suddenly welcoming a larger variety of styles; the man bun, the man braid and flowing gentlemanly locks, Great Lengths men-hancements have never looked more tempting!

The Man Bun

The man bun has been a staple style for a while and chaps everywhere are experimenting with this trend whether that be in full or half bun form. To achieve a truly remarkable man-bun that looks dishevelled to the naked eye but has actually been primped and preened to perfection is not an easy task – the most crucial ingredient is hair and lots of it.

Great Lengths men-hancements are made from the same 100% ethically sourced human hair as all other Great Lengths extensions and are perfect for increasing volume and length to a style.

Man Braids

With the braided style truly taking off this year, it’s not only the ladies eying up all the different braid variations on offer. Dapper gents have also found themselves rather enamoured with the braided look, especially when paired with a man-bun. Behold, the braided bun!

To achieve the best braided look, volume is key – Great Lengths men-hancements to the rescue! Adding subtle volume and a good deal more hair to style, Great Lengths men-hancements are added discreetly to already existing hair to deliver extra volume, perfect for the braided bun!

Surfer Locks

Gents looking to achieve enviable sunkissed length, look no further than Great Lengths men-hancements. Available in a variety of natural colours, these are applied to already existing hair to increase volume and length to a style. Swish and flick salty sea locks to your hearts content.

Read more about our men-hancement offering here.

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