New Year, New Length

Any New Year symbolises a fresh start, a ‘new you’ – we believe all you really need for the New Year is new hair! Whether your hair just won’t grow, or you need some added thickness, now is the perfect time to revamp your locks.


Recently, Jennifer Lawrence changed her look ready for the New Year; swapping her classic ‘long bob’ for some long lengths. Jennifer Lawrence is so adaptable when it comes to hairstyles, she can do no wrong- we especially love that she used Great Lengths because they are so natural and easy to style! And obviously the number one choice – why wouldn’t you?

Una Healey also went for a revamp this week, by adding Great Lengths to her infamous red hair. Great Lengths give her DREAM hair!

Another celebrity to bring in the New Year with a fresh set of extensions is our Great Lengths Lovely, Becky Vardy. We are in love with the long luscious locks and chocolate waves.

What are your 2017 hair goals? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing your thoughts!

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