Perfect up-do’s: How to keep hair looking chic during a heatwave

Whilst we absolutely adore summer for those mood-boosting, sunny days, the heat and muggy environments do not bode well with our locks.

We know how frustrating it is to invest precious getting-ready time styling our hair, only to walk outside into the humidity and have it ruined in less than 10 minutes. So what do we do? Keep tresses away from the face and pulled back into an effortless look.

To help inspire you we’ve rounded up some of our favourite styles to keep necklines fresh and cool and to keep you looking gorgeous and glamorous when the heatwave strikes. From brushing hair up into a smooth ponytail to rolling it round into a bun, read on to discover the chicest styles that will hold up on the hottest of summer days.


Scarf Wrap Bun

With the wide variety of colours and patterns, scarves are versatile accessories with multiple uses, including ones that go beyond winding round your neck. Cue the scarf wrap bun – a striking look that is as simple as incorporating a scarf into a regular bun. To create this truly eye-catching look, simply by treat the scarf as extra hair, weaving it through your tresses and pulling into a bun – we adore!

Fashion Ponytail

Sleek and sophisticated, the ultra-high ponytail is the perfect style for fancy occasions. A favourite among celebrities (and US GL Lovlies), including Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts to name a few, the sleek, tight, shiny ponytail will never fail to turn heads.

Fishtail pigtails

When it comes to braids, the options are endless. From fishtails and crowns to waterfalls and ropes, we’ve never met a braided style we didn’t like. However, when the temperature starts soaring our favourite go to braided-do, is the famous fishtail pigtails – a classic style that’s been around forever and one we’ll never shy away from.

Grown up Topsy Tail

Step up your ponytail game this summer and get inspiration from the 90’s with this killer style. A modern take on the topsy tail, we love this chic way to pull long hair back when the temperatures rise.

Faux bob

Fancy shortening your hair, but don’t want to commit and get the chop? Cue the no-cut bob that will take you from long to short in seconds. To create, simply tease your hair at the nape of your neck and then roll and pin the hair to your roots – voila chicness at its simplest! P.s did we mention Ms Ratajkowski’s a
former fan of the style..!

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