We’re very excited to announce #PORTRAITS – our latest campaign which focuses on real women, their hair struggles and how Great Lengths can be the solution to help rebuild their confidence and make them their authentic feel themselves again.

You may have already seen our previous blog introducing the first 2 girls of our latest campaign, if not don’t worry, visit the link here to find out more about them!

Up next, we’re welcoming Sofia and Suri.


Some women like to play with their image, by changing their hair colour, length and shape. Sofia is exactly that type of woman and has always experimented with innovative looks throughout her life.

Adding length and volume, Great Lengths have transformed Sofia’s hair, adding shades of Espresso into Royal Oak to create a subtle colour difference and dip-dye effect.

Up next…



Suri is a Japanese designer, who used to have long hair in the past and was missing it so much, that she finally decided she wanted to make a change and go back to her usual length.  Great Lengths have dramatically transformed Suri’s hair, creating beautiful brunette look with cascading length and thickness.

Our aim to give you the hair of your dreams and flexibility to always be who you want to be.  Your authentic self.  Having the ability to add colour without worry of putting chemicals on your natural hair, provide that extra volume if you feel your hair is a little flat, or add length that you’ve never been able to achieve!


We’ll be sharing the stories of our next girls in the coming weeks, so make sure to stay tuned!

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