Q&A with Great Lengths Lovely, Becky Sheeran

 This week we caught up with one of our gorgeous GL Lovelies, Becky Sheeran to get the lowdown on her hair history and why she loves collaborating with Great Lengths.

Becky is the Founder of YouTube channel, Talk Becky Talk and in this exclusive Q&A, Becky covers some of your
most frequently asked questions, from how to style your Great Lengths to how to take care of them in the sun and keep them in tip top condition.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career?
I’m Becky and I run the YouTube channel Talk Becky Talk. It’s a beauty and lifestyle channel where I talk all about the things I love, right the way from hair products and makeup, to food and travel. I’ve been doing it for almost five years now, it’s 24/7 but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I actually started my career at the BBC as a news reporter and weather presenter, and then moved into blogging full time.

How long have you worn Great Lengths extensions for?
Just over a year. I had dabbled with other brands of hair extensions but never been happy, then I found Great Lengths and I have never looked back!

Why did you choose to have hair extensions?
Originally I wanted to add length because I had my hair cut shorter and really missed having long hair and all the styles I could do with long hair. Now my hair is almost as long as the extensions so I have them for volume and thickness, it’s amazing the difference it makes just adding volume, it looks so much better!  I also recently went ombre and I use the extensions to add colour without having to dye my hair, so in the summer I go blonder at the ends and in the winter I go for something slightly darker.

Why did you specifically choose Great Lengths hair extensions?
The colour range is incredible. I couldn’t find a brand before that matched my hair colour as well as Great Lengths. I didn’t want anyone to be able to see them in and these are amazing because they blend so well. Also, being ombre, I struggled to find a hair extension company that offered ombre extensions, so I love the range Great Lengths had. On top of that, it was really important for me to know where my hair was coming from and that it was ethically sourced. I love the fact that Great Lengths is really responsible in where the hair is coming from – I care a lot about that. When my extensions are removed, the hair is donated to the Little Princess Trust that makes wigs for boys and girls who have lost their hair. It’s an incredible cause and such a brilliant thing to do with the hair.

How often do you have Great Lengths extensions applied?
I like to have mine done every four months, it’s really important to make sure you look after your hair and there are lots of top tips to do this that really make such a difference with how long they last. When they are taken out, they are donated to the Little Princess Trust, which is so much better than just throwing them away which was my experience with other brands I had used.

Above: Becky Sheeran donating her Great Lengths to the Little Princess Trust

Which hair salon do you visit to have your hair extensions fitted?
I go to M Hair in Nottingham. They are amazing. I know people that travel right across the country to get to them. They spend a lot of time getting to know me and my hair needs and each time I go in we talk about what look I want to achieve. They teach me how to style my hair too and they really know their stuff when it comes to blending the hair colours!

When it comes to styling your hair, how easy is it to achieve your desired look with Great Lengths?
Great Lengths hair is 100% human hair so this was really important for me because it means I can stick to my daily hair routine and I get the same results. I heat my hair almost every single day – straightening, curling, you name it! I’ve never had hair like this that can look just as good after being heated. I usually spend about 15 minutes on my hair in the morning, half an hour if I’m going to a special event!

Do you have any top tips for looking after your hair extensions when on holiday and in the sun?
Tie your hair up! The sun and the sea can be really harsh on extensions and your own hair. I have found putting my hair into plaits protects it during the day, and then putting on a really intense hair mask helps give it all the condition it needs. Great Lengths have a really good range of products; my favourites are the Extra Rich Mask and also the Anti Tap Water which neutralises the PH of your hair!

Is there a specific routine you follow to look after your hair extensions?
In the morning I section each bit from the bottom to the top and make sure I brush right over the bonds. Then I style it. I always carry a brush around with me, just to make sure in the day I can get rid of any knots. Then my biggest tip is before you go to bed, put your hair in a plait or a bun to protect it whilst you sleep, this is really good to do even if you don’t have extensions because it stops the hair rubbing on your pillow and breaking.

Do you have a secret hair weapon?
Apart from the Great Lengths after care range, I love to use natural products to give it a little boost. My favourite is coconut oil. I use this for everything, a face cleanser and even a hair mask!

Who is your celebrity hair inspiration?
I love Kate Middleton and Amanda Holden. They both create so much volume in their hair and it looks incredible when they curl it. Total hair goals!

Where can we find you on social media?
You’ll find me on YouTube as Talk Becky Talk and on instagram and twitter @talkbeckytalk

And it doesn’t stop here, as Becky also shares with us her top maintenance tips in an exclusive video and brings you up to speed on everything you need to know about how to take care of your extensions.

To see the full video click here and to view our GL Lovelies gallery click here.


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