Q&A With GL Lovely Amber McNaught

We caught up with GL Lovely Amber McNaught, creator of the blog Forever Amber and following her recent application with Glasgow based salon, Taylor Ferguson.

Beginning her blogging journey in 2003, Amber has built up her following by blogging about her experiences with parenthood, fashion, beauty and lifestyle and to date her blog attracts over 70,000 visitors a month and is currently ranked top Baby & Pregnancy blog in the UK.  Our collaboration with Amber began last year, when she had her first application of Great Lengths with our long standing salon, Taylor Ferguson.  We wanted to find out more about how wearing Great Lengths have improved her confidence, what advice she would give to any busy working mum, thinking about beginning their Great Lengths journey.

  • Since your first application, has wearing Great Lengths changed your view on any pre-conceived ideas of hair extensions?

Yes! I’d always assumed it would be impossible to get hair extensions that matched my natural hair colour, but the shade is such a perfect match that people are always amazed when they find out I have extensions, with over 80 unique hair colour shades, they just look so natural and blend seamlessly no matter your shade!

  • Has wearing Great Lengths hair extensions improved your confidence?

Yes, definitely! After giving birth to my son, my self-confidence took a big hit, even after I lost the baby weight, I found the clothes I used to wear just weren’t practical for running around after a baby all day, and I had no time for hair or makeup, so I just felt really scruffy and dowdy most of the time. Thanks to my Great Lengths extensions, though, I always havea good hair day, and I found it made a real difference to how I felt about myself.

  • How was your experience with Great Lengths, from consultation to the final look?

It was fantastic – everyone at Taylor Ferguson, Glasgow was so helpful and friendly, so it was a really positive experience. They talked me through everything I needed to know during a free of charge consultation, from how to maintain and look after my bonds to the correct products to use.           

  • What advice would you give to anyone considering trying Great Lengths for the first time?

Find a good salon, and go along and have a chat with them – my initial consultation was really helpful, and I left feeling totally reassured that they knew what they were doing, and would be able to match my hair colour.

  • Being a busy, working mum, how has maintaining your hair extensions been?

The extensions do take much longer to wash and style than my own hair did, but, on the plus side, I’ve found I don’t need to wash my hair nearly as often (I used to wash and blow dry it every day, but am now down to just a couple of times a week), so it all evens out, and, on a day-to-day basis it’s much less hassle than my own hair!

Want to find out more about Amber’s experience?  Click here to read her latest blog post on her Great Lengths journey.

Thinking about beginning your very own Great Lengths journey, visit our salon locator page to find your nearest certified salon and book in for a free of charge consultation.

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