Spice up your style this fashion week!

With Fashion Week quickly approaching, we couldn’t be more excited about what hair trends will be coming up in all four shows this month.

New York Fashion Week

In February, we saw the likes of upgraded ponytails, a hair do which is easy to execute and one which we would have tried out countless times whilst at school. Catwalks showed this style made up with ribbons or clips twisted around the hair band base for that extra chic look. If you’re wanting to add that bit of upgrade to your ponytail just add a fabric touch to it, or a simple clip to grip the ponytail to the base of your hair. We predict that this look will still be in this September, as it’s back to school this month, an easy ponytail do is what we are all looking for. 

With New York Fashion week currently running, we are hoping we see some textured messy buns on the catwalk. This look is casual but hits the right buttons for elegance. It was so popular last season, that we’re hoping it shows an appearance this season too. What makes this look even better is that it’s so easy to create. All you have to do is run your fingers through your hair to create those imperfect lines, pull back into a bun and pin into place. 

This easy, effortless hair was something we saw in Spring 2016 at London Fashion Week. The bedhead look is just perfect for that ‘I made an effort, but I didn’t at the same time’ kind of look. Predictions on whether we will see this style this September on the catwalk is 50/50 so why not immerse yourselves in this hairstyle until London Fashion Week, which launches on 16th September 2016. Want to prep? All you need is your fingers and a hairdryer!

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