Summer Hair Care Tips

The great British summer has finally arrived, bringing with it promises of sunshine and the inevitable frequent torrential downpour. The sensible ones amongst us will already have planned our getaways to finer climates and like every holiday, it is paramount that you look your absolute best!

Beach hair on holiday is an absolute MUST and it takes a rather specific skillset to achieve, but before you even think about styling the perfect mermaid look, there are a couple of things to consider beforehand…

Prep it

Broken, split and weak hair styled into beach waves is not a good look, but luckily for you, the use of a select few of our aftercare products (for around three weeks before your holiday) will ensure this is not a problem.

Use our Daily Moisture Shampoo paired with our Conditioner 60 Sec up to three weeks before you jet off, to restore moisture back into your locks, giving much needed silkiness and manageability. Containing ingredients such as Jojoba oil, these products will make sure that your tresses are protected against any dehydration during your travels.

Stay protected

Sunshine, seawater and sea breezes may seem like the dream for any summer holiday, but these conditions can wreak havoc on your hair, causing it to become dehydrated and dry.

Use our Anti Tap Water and Serum Hair Fluid to protect against and combat the damaging effects of seawater. The Anti Tap Water restores the natural PH balance of your hair, thus adding moisture and promoting a natural scalp and hair balance. The Serum Hair Fluid contains Tiger Nut Oil, which provides natural protection against free radicals, leaving locks soft, easy-to-manage and super glossy.


Keep brushing

Beachy waves may look better after they have been tousled and roughed up a bit, but remember to keep your locks tangle and knot free especially if you’re wearing Great Lengths hair extensions.

Great Lengths specially formulated hairbrushes are available in an array of different sizes depending on the volume and length of your hair – the longer and thicker it is, the bigger brush you will need!

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